Fibo Quantum ( is a technical analysis based charting solution created by an entity known as Karl Dittmann. Creating a bit of a buzz within the online investment community, the Fibo Quantum trading software is compatible with currency pairs meaning that the software is engineered to render highly profitable signals for forex.

Created on April 18th, 2018, the Fibo Quantum is a relatively new trading software that has yet to solicit unsuspecting day-traders out of their hard-earned money. Read our factual review to learn more about the Fibo Quantum software and other trading softwares linked with Karl Dittmann.

What is Fibo Quantum?

Fibo Quantum is an independent forex trading software created by Karl Dittmann. Functioning as a downloadable trading solution, the Fibo Quantum trading software supports most major currency pairs and employs a next generation trading algorithm with built-in fibonacci technology.

Allegedly the algorithms integrated into the Fibo Quantum were developed over years of research and analysis while the software itself is accompanied with a one-time price tag of $147.

In order to utilize the Fibo Quantum technical indicator, investors will need to possess a MetaTrader4 charting solution. Whether MetaTrader5 is accepted is unknown but due to their functionality we suspect either one of these charting solutions to be compatible with the Fibo Quantum.

Who is Karl Dittmann?

Karl Dittmann is a notorious entity within the forex and day-trading arena who appears to have a knack for creating multiple trading softwares, automated investment robots and non-transparent technical indicators.

According to research, Karl Dittmann is a professional forex trader who has amassed a great deal of fortune from day-trading the foreign exchange markets online. Linked in affiliation with no less than half a dozen other trading systems, Karl Dittmann has released numerous trading solutions each with their own advantages and perks.

While community consensus will inform us that Karl Dittmann appears to be a shady character, there oftentimes appears to be a lack of incriminating evidence against Karl and the so-called legitimacy of his trading robots.

According to Forex Peace Army, Karl Dittmann has been labeled as a con-artist who specializes in deceiving inexperienced day-traders.
During the time of writing this review, the only social media outlet we found linked to Karl Dittmann would be Twitter, which after visiting his profile does not go towards adding credibility to his name but further diminishes it due to lack of transparency.

How does Fibo Quantum Work?

Fibo Quantum functions as a customized Expert Advisor (EA), which is a downloadable technical analysis tool. Integrated into the MetaTrader4 charting solution, the Fibo Quantum automatically begins to function once incorporated into the screening of a live asset.

According to the domain, Fibo Quantum generates trading signals by reading market conditions, employing their algorithm and accurately predicting the future direction of a targeted currency pair.

Investors who utilize the Fibo Quantum Expert Advisor are able to set up mobile and e-mail alerts while choosing signal time frames between 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 4 hours and 1 day.
As previously disclosed, Fibo Quantum is a forex oriented trading solution so naturally stop loss, take profit and buy/sell trading options are available through using the software.
No reference to the Fibo Quantum accuracy is shared at their site while most of community feedback circulating around Karl Dittmann’s other trading softwares are less than optimal.

Linked Trading Systems

Karl Dittmann has founded over half a dozen trading solutions that are all mostly optimized as technical expert advisors compatible with major charting solutions. Shared below are the domains of other trading systems we have found to be affiliated with Karl Dittmann:


Is Fibo Quantum Safe to Use?

The overall lack of operational transparency coupled with community feedback indicates to us that Karl Dittmann is not the most trustworthy character. Reports of an inability to acquire refunds have been reported amongst numerous systems offered by Karl while the site fails to disclose any transparent evidence of the softwares success on a relevant time scale. Given these circumstances, we do not feel that Fibo Quantum is safe to use.

Fibo Quantum Review Conclusion

Fibo Quantum and other related trading solutions created by Karl Dittmann should be pursued at your own risk. Most of these trading solutions are packaged in the form of a downloadable Expert Advisor and have not been proven to be successful.

The blatant lack of a verifiable performance history damages the solutions credibility while many unethical experiences have been reported by those who were unfortunate enough to fall victim to these sleazy investment opportunities.

Review Verdict: Fibo Quantum is a SCAM!

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