FinCrowd App is a binary options trading software that has been created by Sam Maxwell. This software comes with claims of helping traders earn significant income from the internet. According to Sam Maxwell, traders who have used it have attained financial independence and those who give it a try will be able to secure a rewarding future within a very short period of time since the app has the potential to generate thousands of dollars of profits daily.

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But, we believe that FinCrowd App is a dangerous scam because we have come across a number of complaints about it. Launched in May 2017, this software did manage to attract the attention of a large number of traders from across the world, but ended up draining the investment of those who signed up for it. Making investments with FinCrowd App could pose significant risks to traders and this is the reason we advise traders to proceed with caution.

Our comprehensive review provides details of our findings and the reasons why we don’t think it is a good investment option. So continue reading to find out all about the FinCrowd App.

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What is FinCrowd App?

FinCrowd App claims to be an automated binary options trading software that can generate massive profits on behalf of its users. Sam Maxwell says that this software can answer the requirements and needs of its users, regardless of their level of experience or knowledge.

But from our experience, we know that there is only a limited number of trading systems that actually do good for traders. The rest are just scams and it is quite unfortunate that despite the huge claims and promises, FinCrowd App is also a bad investment choice.

Interesting Fact:

Crowdfunding is the latest craze and most of these campaigns result in success. Today, there are hundreds of organizations and sites that have been set up to help small businesses raise capital for their projects. By 2025, it is estimated that the crowdfunding industry will be worth over $300 billion.

How Does FinCrowd App Work?

As claimed by the developer, FinCrowd App is based on crowdfunding technology. If we look at it from the point of view of the developer, then this software is supposed to pool the funds of traders and manage them as hedge funds. Traders can start with minimum $250 as deposit to become a part of the crowd. But the truth about FinCrowd App is that it doesn’t work as a crowdfunding investment project. It actually works by getting traders to deposit money with them so they can mismanage the funds to their advantage.

The FinCrowd App has taken advantage of a lot of innocent traders. Basically those who fell for this scam have lost their investment funds. It certainly doesn’t work as claimed. It works just like a bogus auto trading software that executes losing trades on behalf of its users and steals their investment capital. We have enough evidence that FinCrowd App only works for the benefit of the people who are behind this trading software. It has never done anything good for its users.

Is FinCrowd App Legit Or Just Another Scam?

The number one lie that we managed to unveil about FinCrowd App is that their traders are not genuine. They have hired paid actors. From Sam Maxwell to the person seen in the promotional video to all the traders who have claimed to earned substantial profits with this app are all hired actors.

The entire thing about FinCrowd App is a fiction. Information about the company that owns this software such as their name, where they are based, etc. cannot be found.

The traders who claim to have earned profits haven’t actually made anything from this software. We were able to find this out after conducting a thorough investigation which confirmed that this software performs poorly and there is no chance that traders can earn a decent income out of it. Even the disclaimer on FinCrowd App’s official webpage admit that the promo video has been done by paid actors and it is truly fictitious.

The brokers associated with the app aren’t genuine or regulated. Financial trading is a regulated activity and it is crucial that brokers who offer this service have proper licenses. But the brokers that operate on behalf of FinCrowd App are not licensed which means traders will be risking their investment capital by choosing them. All the testimonials found on the FinCrowd App website are fabricated. The photos of traders are actually stock photos of actors and models. Even their stories are fake.

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As we move further, there are even more lies. We saw on their website that this trading software has won many awards. But the fact is that it has not even been one year since their existence so how is it really possible for them to win an award. This is just not possible.

Final Words

The FinCrowd App is a bad investment software and there is evidence that will drain traders’ investment funds. After the completion of our investigation and based on our findings, we can say that FinCrowd App provides false and misleading information. It is not a good trading solution. In fact, it is a scam software that traders must stay away from.


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