One of the biggest challenges facing air travelers is the headache of differentiating one’s bag from the sea of luggage on the conveyer belt at the baggage claim. Most bags and luggage tags are black and look very similar to each other. This can greatly increase the time spent waiting at the bag carousel negotiating around fellow passengers, and missing your bag as it makes an additional lap around the conveyer belt. Needless to say, this ritual can add additional time to an already drawn out travel experience. What is a tired and weary traveler to do?
The people at Fifth Avenue Manufacturers ( have come up with the perfect solution to this vexing problem. From the creative and inventive mind of designer Mary Ellis comes a unique luggage tag line of eye catching and fashionable ID tags called simply “My Bag.”
Never again will someone mistakenly pick up your luggage at the airport when it is fitted with a bright My Bag Luggage Tag. Apart from their eye catching designs and colors, these tags stand apart from other luggage tags on the market, due to their considerable quality and ability to handle the abuses of travel. Made of a top grade heavy duty PVC material, Fifth Avenue’s luggage tags are inexpensive but certainly not cheap.
As many different types of people as there are, Fifth Avenue Manufacturers makes a custom luggage tag designed to fit their personality. Customization and personalization are all the rage these days. In this age of mass marketing and mass appeal, it is easy for the individual to feel marginalized and lost in the shuffle. Looking out onto an ocean of identical luggage can only heighten this sense of anxiety and alienation. Use of the word “My” gives a sense of identity and makes one stand out from the heard. A product such as a My Bag tag gives a warm sense of security and importance in an unsure and seemingly indifferent world.
Fifth Avenue’s line of luggage tags continues to expand. The company’s primary focus has been centered on the souvenir industry but My Bag was its first foray into the general travel and gift market. Their first successful line of souvenir luggage tags was geared for the New York tourist and feature iconic symbols of New York City, such as: The Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, and Taxi Cab. Next came the fashionable and cosmopolitan line of “Diva” Tags available in pink and polka dots with the word “Diva” across the top. When the My Bag tag line was created, the focus shifted off of the city tourist and centered on the global traveler. Fifth Avenue’s original and highly successful program of unique luggage tags features bright and bold solid colors as well as tri-color smartly striped patterns. The next line of My Bag tags shifted the focus onto playful and youthful imagery, embodied in the Happy Tag program. These tags feature an assortment of neon colors and universally loved image such as flowers (with and with out happy faces) and rainbows. Happy tags are perfectly suited for the youth and young adult market as well as the young at heart. These tags are slightly smaller than their counterpart and are an ideal way to personalize not just airplane luggage, but also backpacks and other bags that get used on a daily basis.
Always at the forefront of trends and fashion, the company continues to grow and build their selection of tags, capitalizing on the most in demand patterns and designs of the day. Be sure to look out for the new My Bag Camouflage tags in original olive drab and untraditional pink, as well as the new “My Bag” animal print tags. Never lose your luggage again with this one of a kind unique luggage tag. Now shipping is free with the purchase of three. Check them out online.

Source by Forrest Hensley