FinTech Ltd, not to be confused with FinTech Mining, is an online trading scam that has reemerged within the online day trading industry. First launched in early 2016, FinTech Ltd became a viral scam operation that mislead hundreds of novice investors out of their hard-earned money.

Hosted at, we will expose this deceptive trading scam throughout the duration of our honest review while guiding you to a couple of legitimate investment alternatives that have proven profitable for many investors around the globe.

What is FinTech Ltd?

FinTech Ltd is structured as a one-click autotrader that is capable of investing the financial markets through the forex industry. According to their domain, day traders are guaranteed to make a lot of money by utilizing their trading software.

To add, FinTech Ltd is portrayed as a free auto trader but only for a limited time, although this is certainly not the case. In order to register with their autotrader, investors are required to fulfill a deposit with one of their so-called recommended brokerages, which as you can imagine are among some of the most notorious brokerages in the industry.

As if that wasn’t bad enough already, none of their recommended brokerages are regulated nor licensed, which means investing with their platform may be illegal depending upon your residing jurisdiction.

Who is Behind FinTech Ltd?

Daniel Roberts is the alleged founder behind FinTech Ltd. Curious enough, FinTech Ltd is not an existing corporate entity though, while Daniel Roberts is nothing more than a paid actor whose been exposed as such across the web. One search of “Daniel Roberts FinTech Ltd scam,” will reveal everything you need to know regarding the fictitious Daniel Roberts entity.

Domain Insight

FinTech Ltd was a privately registered domain that was created through the NameSilo, LLC registrar. Originally incepted on January 29th, 2016, Fintech Ltd is not a flourishing investment venture like most investors tend to believe when they first land on their site. According the SimilarWeb, FinTech Ltd is growing slowly in popularity again while the majority of their traffic funnels from residents of Kenya.

Exposing the Scam

FinTech Ltd incorporates many of the typical scam elements that we have grown accustomed to seeing throughout our time exposing day trading scams. Among the most discrediting discovery we made would be how FinTech Ltd incorporates paid actors and fictitious user testimonials into the framework on their site to make visitors more prone to trust and register with their scam.

In addition, FinTech Ltd guarantees site viewers that if you sign up with their system that you are guaranteed to make a lot of money on an ongoing basis. However, it should be noted that nothing is ever guaranteed within the online investing industry, to assert that their are zero risks is absolute ignorance on the creators behalf.

Recommended Alternatives

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FinTech Ltd Review Conclusion

FinTech Ltd is an illusive day trading scam built upon fabricated site elements and blatantly deceptive income assertions. Not one component relating to their site is genuine while the creators behind this scam have relaunched this broker deposit trap with the intentions of fleecing investors to further line their pockets.

Review Verdict: FinTech Ltd is a SCAM!

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