One of the most effective ways to augment your income online would be through passive investments that deliver payouts on a residual basis. Among one such investment opportunities would be FinTech Mining, a cryptocurrency cloud mining corporation headed by Aorta Digital.

Providing investors of all demographics with the ability to invest in cryptocurrency cloud mining is an advantage that recently became possible within the past 24 months. Today it is estimated that only 0.04% of the world’s population actively invests in cryptocurrencies.

Experts in the field predict that within the next half decade that active investor percentage will rise upwards towards 7%. Becoming regulated in many economically strong countries such as China, the future of cryptocurrencies appears certain and on the rise.

This natural market inflation increases the value of highly demandable cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Dash. Through securing a passive mining contract with FinTech Mining you can supplement your income a few hundred dollars per week through a one time investment.

To learn more regarding FinTech Mining and how you can earn up a substantial stream of passive income we invite you to continue reading.

FinTech Mining Overview

FinTech Mining provides cryptocurrency cloud mining services to investors on a broad scale. Owned and operated by Aorta Digital, a limited company located within the Netherlands, FinTech Mining caters their services to a wide host of countries.

How FinTech Mining works would be that prospective investors interested in augmenting their income through a passive stream can invest with one of FinTech Mining’s contracts. The minimum mining contract available comes with a $299 investment that has been reported to generate returns between 175 to 425%.

Depending upon which plan an investor enrolls with will dictate which cryptocurrencies are available for them to have mined on their behalf along with their estimated residual payouts. The better the mining contract you start with the more investors will profit overtime but in theory we advise investors to start with the beginner plan until their become fully comfortable with the platform.

FinTech Portfolio

One of the nice advantages regarding FinTech Mining would be how simplistic the user-interface is. First-time investors are able to easily understand and navigate the FinTech Mining investor platform with relative ease. The Mining Portfolio tab, as see in the image below, enables investors to see their active account balance, how many cryptocurrencies they are actively mining and how many profits they have generated through their mining contracts.

Starting with only a $2,200 initial investment back 7 weeks ago with the FinTech Mining platform, our progression with their system has significantly picked up after reinvesting $1,500 of our 5 week profits back into their mining contract. To date we have amassed over $5,000 which when combined with our recent Maximus Crypto Bot Performance is unprecedented.

Most investors who get started with FinTech Mining’s most simple mining contract report ROIs between 175% to 425% on average. After they optimize their hash power settings to work in tangent with their mined cryptocurrency investors tend to see an increase in residual income.

Why FinTech Mining is Key

FinTech Mining provides a few key advantages that make their cryptocurrency cloud mining contracts quite invaluable.

The first being that their platform offers a legitimate form of cryptocurrency cloud mining, which enables investors to have cryptocurrencies mined without having to bear any financial and maintenance costs associated with expensive crypto mining hardware.

Secondly, FinTech Mining incorporates an intuitive and user-friendly education center that is full of educational investment videos and how to optimize your day trading. Learn how to better attack the financial markets with online cryptocurrency investing and mining and start building a nest egg for the future.

Lastly, FinTech Mining renders a tangible and consistent stream of passive income. Don’t underestimate the value of residual income, especially if you aren’t earning much residual weekly income to start with. Overtime it will add up in value and become a key ingredient to taking your earning power to the next level.

Getting Started with FinTech Mining

Passive income is an invaluable source of revenue that will pay dividends to you later down the road. Securing a consistent stream of residual income is simplistic through cryptocurrency cloud mining which is why FinTech Mining renders such an imperative service. To learn more about how you can earn through cryptocurrency cloud mining, we encourage you to reach out to us.

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