One of the highest quality names in grills is Fire Magic. This company offers a full line of both cart type and built in grills for outdoor kitchens. There are some things to remember when considering purchasing a grill, particularly a high quality grill that is going to cost a fair bit of money.

First, if you are looking for a stainless steel grill, make sure you are dealing with 304 stainless steel grills. This is the grade of stainless that will not rust. These grills are warranted for life against rust and the reason the manufacturers can give you this warranty is because the type of steel they use simply will not accept rust on its surface.

All Fire Magic grills are made with 304 stainless, so rust is something you will not have to worry about. There are 3 lines of grills put out by this company. The main two lines are the Aurora and Echelon. The Aurora is sort of the base line version of the Echelon, although both grills start out with the same steel body. What accessories and features you want will determine which line of grills you decide to choose from.

The things the Echelon has standard that the Aurora does not have a smoker burner, lights inside the grill, separate heat zones, and a standard rotisserie package. You can get the rotisserie package as an option on an Aurora, but if you have a need for any of those other things you will want to go with the Echelon grill.

One of the nice things about the variety that Fire Magic offers is the varying sizes available. Not only are there varying widths of grill available, but this brand is available in different depths front to back. This can be very important when planning an outdoor kitchen because if you can have a shower cabinet you may be able to squeeze all the items on your wish list into the plan. If you area is very tight on space and you are only dealing with full depth grills, you may end up sacrificing something from that list.

With all the variations and options available, there is no doubt that you can find a fire Magic built in grill to suit both your budget and your needs.

Source by John Richard Paul