When you first start your online business, of course you want it to be successful. Is it just down to luck that you become successful? Or what is the secret?

Where Do You Start

Being successful online is defiantly not just down to luck. You will need commitment and the time to spend setting up your business. Also a lot of dedicated work, if you are not prepared for this then you are doomed from the start.

The First Steps

The first steps are finding a product which you can market. Once you have found your product the next step is building a website, this you can do yourself if you have the knowledge. If you do not have the knowledge to do this, do not despair there are plenty of companies who will do this for you at a cost of course.

On your website be sure to place an "opt in box" where viewers can leave their name and e-mail address for further information. Sometimes to respond to a FREE video course or some free gift.

Step Two

Marketing your product is the next step, before you start to do this make sure you have received the correct training. Training is essential and will benefit you in the long run. If you have a Mentor this is a definite plus, they will point you in the right direction, so avoiding any pitfalls before they happen.


Marketing can be achieved in many ways. Social networking sites can be very profitable. On these websites you are able to build a relationship with your prospective customers, encouraging them to buy from you. Video marketing is also very popular this gives the viewer a chance to see the real you. Marketing is the key to success, without a good marketing strategy you will most certainly fail.

Payed advertising will probably bring in customers more quickly, but if funds are short then there are lots of FREE advertising online.

Capitol Start Up

If you have some money back when you start you may find it easier. But do not be put off money is not the only source to building a successful business online. As I stressed before the main key is marketing yourself and your product.

Follow Up E-mails

Once you have people responding to your invite and leaving their details, send regular updates known as auto responders. These can be purchased for a small fee and are well worth the cost, you can write all your own messages and choose when you would like to send them. If you have a large customer base this can save you valuable time, rather than sending e-mails out individually.

So if you follow these suggestions, you will soon see your online business prosper.

Source by Tricia Connolly