I came across a service which not only gives you a choice of the best brokers but also gives you a rebate in cash every time you trade, so your loss is less and your profit is more. Sounds like a great idea right? We think so! Let’s look at this service in more detail.

The service is offered by FX Rebates: A group of traders who, through their existing relationships from referring volume business, negotiate a better deal on behalf of their clients by getting them extra cash rebated on their account, every time they trade.

It’s a service that every forex trader should consider to enhance their currency trading experience and it’s free to join. Let’s look at the program in more detail and the advantages every trader should be benefiting from.

The Best Online Brokers

You get the security of knowing your account is opened directly with a choice of 16 of the world’s premier brokers. Opening an account with your choice of over 16 brokers (FCM’s) through FX Rebates, means that you will be trading directly with the broker with FX Rebates as your referring broker. This will not in any way affect your trading. You are probably familiar with most of their brokers and may already have an account with one of them. It is easy to start; simply choose one of their premier brokers and open an account with them with FxRebates as your Referring Agent.


FX rebates acts as a referrer only and does not hold any funds, your funds are held with the broker of your choice. Trading with FxRebates as your referring broker will in no way affect your spread or overall trading experience spreads – now the good bit!

Get Extra Cash Rebated Every Month

Fx Rebates existing relationships with these online brokers means they get compensated for introducing customers. Because of the volume of business they refer, they can pass part of there commissions to the Forex traders they introduce. This is a cash rebate paid every month for the volume of the previous months trading.

How Much Cash Do You Receive?

Quite simply for every completed trade (buy and sell) the client is rebated $4.11 per standard lot traded. This of course adds up overtime. For example, for every 10 trades completed, a trader would get $41.10, trade a 100 times and its $410.00, so it mounts up over time.

Day traders and active traders will love this – but so to will any trader, as you still get the same service you would expect from these top brokers and additional cash rebated which can help cushion any loss and adds to any profit.

The Service is FREE to Join

FX Rebates has an extensive forex and trading background and their idea of negotiating rebates is a great benefit to the forex trader, signing up for their service is totally free.

Other Services

FX rebates with their many years of trading experience and knowledge of all the brokers they refer to – means they can help you to select a broker which best suits your individual needs.

This really is a good idea in our view, as FX Rebates has brought a great service to all traders – You get the security and all the services from the broker you sign up with as well as a $4.11 rebate on every round turn trade placed.

I thought this service was a great idea and think you will too and you can find out more about them at the website below.

Source by Kelly Price