Avoid the Forex Cyborg SCAM for online trading! Illicit marketing tactics combined with fake positive reviews by deceptive scam artists have allowed this online investing hoax to go viral. Claiming to offer a legitimate 30 day money back guarantee but not honoring their own promises is the least of your problems with this phony trading solution. Do yourself a favor by avoiding the fake reviews and make sure to read our unbiased scam review to learn all about this sneaky forex software scam!

Claiming to generate an average success rate of at least 77% seems like a believable percentage that can be achieved by an auto trading software. However, according to feedback from several of our subscribers, the average success rate reported with this forex solution are more along the lines of 40% in-the-money. Well below the average of 56% needed to break-even let alone generate a profit. Doctored YouTube videos along with misleading reviews by scam marketers have resulted in both newbie and experience traders alike to fall victim to this scam.

Exposing Misleading Scam Tactics

Asserting itself as the “best forex robot” certainly is a tall order for this software to fulfill. Compared to most online trading scams that we expose, debunking the Forex Cyborg proved to be more difficult. In fact, we only found a few misleading characteristics associated with this forex scam. Perhaps the most disturbing of these scam tactics would be how it relies on fake testimonials to earn your trust. See for yourself in the image provided below, “Vladimir” provides his two cents about his experience with the software but what we found more interesting would be how he is actually nothing more than a stock photo!

Forex Cyborg Fake Testimonials

Another component that caught our attention would be how forexcyborg.com showcased their past “live trading results” dating back to 2007. However, a quick domain search will reveal that the site itself was only created on February 12th, 2017, which is almost a decade after the “real” trading results are presented to us. Let’s not forget that the trading results showed on the website are not transparent nor are they verified by any 3rd party. Meaning that the results showcased are about just as credible as the fake testimonial provided by “Vladimir.”

How Does Forex Cyborg Work?

Forex Cyborg is the most innovative multi-currency forex trading robot on the market! Or at least that is what the creators behind this scam would like for you to believe. Compatible with MetaTrader4 while offering a fully automated style of investing are appealing options offered by Forex Cyborg. Claiming that even the most novice of online traders can make generate profits with this forex solution is a misleading statement that has resulted in numerous inexperienced traders to lose their money with this system.

According to forexcyborg.com, this forex EA (Expert Advisor) doesn’t apply martingale, hedging or arbitrage trading methods. Instead the software relies upon unique features “including neural networks and deep learning” to help traders achieve the best trading results possible.  Operating between the hours of 18:30 GMT to 23:30 GMT while providing no real explanation on how the software actually functions only raises suspicion that we are dealing with yet again another forex auto trading scam.

Forex Cyborg is a SCAM!

Unlike most software that we come across where investors are required to sign up and fund an account with an assigned broker, the Forex Cyborg offers 4 different membership packages. The smallest starting package starts for as little as $299.99 while the premium membership will run you around $599.99. Claiming that their forex solution isn’t cheap since their system is “top quality” and “the best forex robot that money can be” is a poor as excuse as any to charge an arm and a leg for a software. If the software was legitimate, one would think that a free trial period or a demo account would be offered but unfortunately that is not the case.

Forex Cyborg – Scam or Legit?

Unfortunately, you are not getting a high quality or accurate software when signing up with Forex Cyborg. Besides why would you like to invest your money into a system that relies on fake testimonials and aggressive scam marketers to deceive traders out of their money? Not only is it a foolish mistake but unless you file a chargeback with your bank the chances of you receiving a refund with this forex scam are slim to none.

Forex Cyborg Verdict – SCAM ON THE LOOSE!

The lack of transparent trading results combined with the implementation of fake testimonials leads us with solely one conclusion which would be that Forex Cyborg is a scam. Appearing as a legitimate forex trading software, this forex software has gone of an endless rampage of deceiving traders from all walks of life out of their money. Save yourself from the agony and frustration of losing more than just your money by avoiding this auto trading software! It is obvious that this system is not trustworthy or worth your time.

Review Verdict: Forex Cyborg is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Website: forexcyborg.com

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According to Alexa.com, forexcyborg.com is not a popular website and at the time of writing their global rank was 1,317,473. Much of their traffic comes from Japan, the United States, Nigeria and Estonia.

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