If you want to win at Forex trading you need to avoid the following key errors that losers make, there easy to avoid and there enclosed.

These mistakes are in no order of importance, there all vital to avoid! So make them part of your essential Forex education.

1. You need to make an effort and get skills and confidence

You will see a vast number of Forex Robots and Expert Advisors offering you an income for life for a nominal cost but they don’t work. If Forex trading was as easy as paying a couple of hundred dollars and sitting back and making easy money, the whole world would be trading and 95% of Forex traders wouldn’t lose money.

2. Don’t work Hard work Smart

You don’t need to work hard at Forex trading, because it’s simple to learn and simple systems work best. Many traders think the harder they work the more money they will make but this isn’t true. Complicated clever systems always break in the brutal world of trading, so keep it nice and simple.

3. Beware of Prediction

Lots of vendors sell the story you can predict prices of Forex in advance but you cant – you need to trade the reality of price change, sure you won’t catch the exact low or high but you can make a lot of money. Always wait for a move to start before getting on board.

4. Don’t Chase your Tail

Traders are always switching systems, to find a better or perfect one but there is no such thing as the perfect system. Stick with one and keep your losses small when you have them and run your profits; you can’t win all the time but you can make a lot of money, so be patient and accept losing trades in the short term and focus on the long term.

5. Always trade with discipline

This is the very key to Forex trading success and if you can’t trade with discipline, you don’t have a system. Traders lack discipline because when they lose, they get angry and start to run losses and deviate from their system rules; if you do this you will lose. Discipline is based on confidence and knowing what your doing and comes from a sound Forex education.

Anyone can Learn Forex Trading

Forex trading can be learned by anyone but you must know the rules of the game to succeed and avoid the 5 mistakes that loser’s make we have just looked at.

If you can avoid the mistakes, get a good education and get confidence, you can trade with discipline and make a lot of money at Forex trading.

Source by Kelly Price