According to the sellers who sell Forex Expert Advisors, you can simply follow their systems with no trading experience and if you do, you can make huge gains long term with no effort but is it really that easy to make money? Let's find out …

The first point you will notice with Forex Expert Advisors is the extraordinary profits they say they can make for you. The track records are better than the best fund managers in the world yet, you can get access to the track records for just a few hundred dollars!

It sounds like a great deal, an income for life, you do not have to make any effort and it costs less than a good night out but is it to good to true?

Of course it is!

If you look behind the hyped marketing copy, you will see there is no real verified long term track record, to back up the claims the vendor makes. All you get is a simulated back test or results presented by the vendor, with no independent audit.

Today, there are a huge number of people attracted to Forex trading because of the rise of online Forex trading brokers and low account minimums which anyone can afford. Traders flock to buy these get rich quick systems and it all ends with a loss of equity.

Let's be clear – 95% of Forex traders lose! If it was as easy as the Expert Advisor Vendors say to make money, far more traders would win and they do not. If you want to win at Forex trading, the best way is to take the old fashioned route, apply yourself and learn skills!

Sure you have to make an effort to learn skills and get the right Forex education but if you do this, for the effort you have to make, you will be well rewarded with a great second or even life changing income.

Source by Sonia Kristina