When I first read about the Forex Funnel on an online blog, I checked out the website and was immediately skeptical of the claims. The website is over dramatic and, to me, it comes across as nothing more than an empty sales pitch.

However, reviewing the website more closely, I noticed that free demo accounts are offered, allowing people to test the system using fake money. For me this is always a huge plus. It proves that the creators are confident in their system.

Secondly, the features of Forex Funnel are fairly extensive. It works with the usd / jpy currency pair on a 1 hour time frame. It can be used even if you're trading another ea on another chart, full installation instructions are provided with the software, and there's a no questions asked, 60-day money back policy. These were all impressive enough to force me to keep investigating further.

Researching the expert testimony, I noticed traders through the internet Commenting very positively about Forex Funnel. Most of them were commenting about the many features provided with the software, but a few that used my eye were commenting on the impressive profits they were seeing after they started using the system.

With my curiosity peaked, and the 60-day guarantee in hand, I downloaded the system and studied it carefully. After using it for barely two weeks I've seen my forex profits jump from an average of $ 200 to $ 300 every day, up to an unbelievable $ 500 to $ 600 every day, with the numbers climbing every week. I'm thoroughly convinced, and would recommend this system to anyone.

Source by Robert A Smith