Is Forex Funnel a Scam? Does Forex Funnel work? These are the questions being asked by many Forex traders. The Forex Funnel is a relatively new product in the market which is why there is some speculation of its performance. With many automated Forex systems in the market, it can be difficult to find a reliable and profitable system.

So, is the Forex Funnel a scam? Definitely not! The software is developed with proven algorithmic logic and mathematics. The system provides the right estimation an assessment of your stop losses and trade profits. As complex as it may sound, the software has been designed in such a simple manner that most computer illiterate individuals can use the system to profit from it.

The Forex Funnel is designed to only trade in USD/JPY currencies. The system utilizes all of its resources into this specific currency pair. As a result, the Forex Funnel is able to minimize trading risk to a negligible level. It is because of this exact reason, traders that purchased this system experience profitable results.

There are three things about this system that make it the Forex robot of choice by most currency traders. First of all, there is a 60 day money back guarantee. This shows that the vendor has confidence in their product, and as consumers we have nothing to loose. Secondly, The Forex Funnel comes with an exclusive bonus product called The Goldminer, which is a precision custom indicator. It essentially pinpoints exact entry points for your trades with incredible accuracy. Finally, for a limited time, you receive a $100 credit on your trading account with the purchase of this system-making the Forex Funnel practically a giveaway.

Source by James A Knight