What is Forex Killer? If you're new to foreign currency trading, Forex Killer is what's known as an automated trading platform. Normally you would have to be sitting at your computer looking for the right times to trade. With Forex Killer, you actually have to do nothing at all – the program does absolutely everything for you.

This is great for two main reasons: Firstly, you need to know absolutely nothing about forex or forex trading in order to have this program make money for you. Forex killer does everything for you. Secondly, you are not required to be at your computer in order to make trades. This program can literally be making money for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And yes, it can be making profit for you even while you're asleep.

So how does it all work? Well Forex Killer is programmed to detect extremely low-risk trades which it carries out for you with no input from you at all. While the trades it makes are usually a lot less profitable than if the trades were being completed by a knowledgeable forex trader due to the fact that it's only completing low-risk trades, however the fact that this program is always shake and trading means that you will generally make more money due to the fact that it's always trading and never taking breaks, or going to sleep.

But the big question of the day is how much money Forex Killer can make for you, right? So to figure this out, we're going to need to crunch some numbers.

Based on a $ 100 investment (which is around the lowest you can start trading with), Forex Killer will make you around .25 cents per trade on average. This is quite small, however when you consider it'll make between 10 to 50 of these trades per day – depending on how much the market is fluctuating that day – that means you'll make an average of $ 2.50- $ 12.50 per day . Let's take the middle figure as an average and day it's going to make you $ 7.50 per day.

You still with me? Good.

Keep in mind that the $ 7.50 per day is an average and it may make more or less than that, it's all up to the market. So to be even more critical, we'll go for a figure even lower than the average average and say that it's making you $ 5 per day. Working that out over a 6 day week (the trading week of the currency market), that means you'll make $ 30 that week.

That's not a huge amount of cash, but when you consider that's a 30% return on your investment in only one week, you should begin taking notice of how potent this can be.

But what if you keep investing your original $ 100 plus your profit at the start of every week in order to make more profit? Let's say that we're going to trade for one month and assuming we're making a 5% profit per day – remembering we're being overly critical – and re-investing what we made the previous week.

The following is what you would experience if you do that over the period of a month, starting with $ 100:

WEEK 1: $ 130

WEEK 2: $ 169

WEEK 3: $ 219.70

WEEK 4: $ 285.61

So after one month, you've more than doubled your investment. But what about two months later?

WEEK 5: $ 371.29

WEEK 6: $ 482.67

WEEK 7: $ 627.47

WEEK 8: $ 815.71

As you can see the returns start off quite slow, however the more that's invested, the greater the profit you will see at the end of the week. Just like traditional ways of investing like stocks and cash investments with a bank, the more you start with, the more you'll make. However, the thing with forex is that it works much faster than the stock market or a bank investment.

So in two months, you could turn only $ 100 into over $ 800 using Forex Killer. If that does not excite you, I do not know what would. Maybe you need to check your pulse because there simply is not better way of investing your money online.

When you buy Forex Killer, you can literally be on your way to making money within ten minutes. As long as you have the ability to follow simple instructions – which I'm sure you can do – then you have the ability to use Forex Killer. All you do is set it up for trading once a week and it does the rest.

If you're doubful there are two things in your favor here; firstly, you have a 100% risk-free guarantee for two months to test the program out. Not working for you, then you get a refund. Secondly, many people – maybe you too – are worried about investing their money without knowing if it works. If this is you then once you buy the program, you can simply set it to run in a kind of 'test' mode, where you give it a certain amount of 'play' money to trade with, then it goes on its way and trades with that on the forex market, making it totally risk-free for you.

In any case, I hope ths Forex Killer review has helped you to make a more informed decision about this program and I hope you can generate considering success by using it.

Source by David Morris