Most experienced traders consider that the best and most profitable of the capital markets is without doubt the Forex market. During many years Forex trading had been not for everyone but the sole domain of the major banks, large financial institutions and countries central banks; for example the US Federal Reserve Bank. Fortunately these days, thanks to the internet the market has been opened to anyone willing to learn the appropriate techniques in forex trading and with the intent of making substantial profits using the same pathway the large institutions use to consistently make very high profits from trading in the Foreign Exchange market.

The Forex markets are open 24-hrs a day during most of the week, allowing forex traders a huge flexibility to enter end exit their trades. As long as the markets keep open the prices will be constantly fluctuating and reacting to news and market conditions. All this activity can be easily seen by looking at the forex charts. And is thanks to this fluctuations that traders can have the potential of profitable trades the whole day.

But the simple potential of high profits is not enough to feed your bank account. What you need is a reliable system that will turn the profit potential into real cash for you. Here is where the KISS strategy can work marvels for you if you know how to implement this great and reliable forex system.

What is the Forex KISS strategy ?. In short; this forex trading strategy is an original system that relations on the long operating week of the currency markets and it shows you how to make a wise use of your stops and entry orders applying them in such an order and sequence that you can easily duplicate your account capital in less than three months without having to worry everyday about losing much money from your account. Maybe the only drawback of the system is that you have the keep your computer working on the markets most of the week. The goood news is the system works alone most of the time.

KISS if without doubt one of those Forex system that will make many people turn to the currency markets as a reliable source of income.

Source by Adrian Pablo