Ever since Forex MegaDroid was launched in March 2009, more and more traders are being attracted to it. People find it an excellent product to gift to their loved ones. It is the best gift for young men and women who want to be a part of Forex Market but do not have adequate experience. For newcomers in the Forex trade, deep knowledge of Forex Market and the Foreign Exchange is a must. Of course things are different, in case, the choice is Forex MegaDroid. Users having minimum knowledge of Forex market too make a lot of money as this droid is programmed in such a way that the user may not be a jack of the Forex trade. But it is still advised to acquire at least some basic idea about the market to avoid silly mistakes.

Forex MegaDroid has been designed keeping in view the needs of the market and the problems that the users of trading robots face. There are many outstanding features it possesses but the most important are the ones discussed below. Let us discuss the three most important characteristics of this trading machine.

1. RCTPA Technology: This is the first ace of the deck of numerous features the product has. Al technology called the ‘Reverse Correlated Time and Price Analysis” makes this money making machine smart enough to work in multi-condition market. We are all aware how fast the market can change. The other robots available in the market work in a definite market condition. So, as soon as the conditions change they are bound to fail and lead to loss. Due to RCTPA technology, the robot adjusts according to the new market conditions to make profits all the way.

2. Perfect Forecaster: This is a very important characteristic of Forex MegaDroid. The new technology helps it to see the future in advance. It has been proven that this robot can forecast market changes that can occur in the next 2 to 4 hours. It adjusts and prepares itself for the foreseen market changes and dodges losses.

3. Practically Invisible to the Forex Brokers: Forex Brokers do create nuisance when they learn that high profits are being made by using a money making robot. They may even go to an extent of closing down the user’s account or by making the robot non-profitable. But Forex MegaDroid has an in built mechanism to check such problems. It remains practically invisible to Broker’s eyes. The Forex Brokers cannot figure out that the trade deals are being made by a robot.

With the above mentioned three characteristics, Forex MegaDroid is bound to be one of the best trading Robots in the market. With these features, it has started the pursuit of perfection in the trading software industry.

Source by Ivan R. Moore