There are two major reasons why anyone is starting out in the foreign currency trading (Forex) trading business should consider Forex Nitty Gritty.

REASON # 1: Bill Poulos

Have you ever heard of Bill Poulos? Many newbie investors are not yet aware of the champions and starts in this market. Bill Poulos is a veteran foreign currency trader who has been teaching his methods to students for years. However, his students have traditionally had been intermediate to advanced and they pay thousands of dollars a year to have access to him and his teachings.

Before now, it was impossible for anyone to access his trading methods and philosophy until they were enough and successful enough to afford his systems.

But, as a result of a significant demand for an honest entry level course, Poulos has released Forex Nitty Gritty which is quickly becoming known as the most reliable and real course for anyone who is tired of the gimmicks and really wants to create a foreign currency trading business to provide consistent income day in and day out.

So, by just understanding the creator, his history and where he comes from you can see why this course is different from any others out there.


Bill does not mess around in his trading activity. He and his students only focus on the highest probable trades that also have the lowest risk. What this means is you save a lot of research time and a lot of failure results because you only place the most optimal trades each day.

So many other course teach you to place many different kinds of trades even if chances of profit are low. With those methods, you are losing close to 90% of the trades and spending countless hours identifying a huge quantity of trades and managing the losing trades to minimize your losses.

Instead, by using the FNG system, you can spend as little as 20 minutes a day identifying your trades and an hour or so managing them. Plus, by only placing the best ones, your win lose ratio is much higher which is better for long term sustainability.

Even better, by only focusing on fewer trades, you become better at implementing the method faster. As with any business, focus on what works best and make it better.

Another great concept for maximizing profits that he teaches is the mini-trend concept which can produce substantial profits very quickly. This is an advanced concept that alone is worth thousands of dollars. Poulos teaches this in his entry level product because he does not dilute his student's time with only average methodologies and trading blueprints.

Source by Thomas Muldowney