Foreign exchange trade market, short called as Forex is a huge arena where an incredible amount of currency transactions take place. Few people mention Forex in the names of Fx and Currency as well.

Over the counter trading method is one of the largest trading methods in the world, performed by individuals and organization. The individuals determine what they opt to trade with, relying upon the trading conditions.

Over the counter trade is a direct trading method between two parties, by agreeing to a bilateral trading contract. Both parties agree to some kind of rules before the trade commences. The most common assets of this type of trade are commodities, derivatives and stocks. OTCBB and pink sheets securities are responsible for this type of trade in the United States of America.

Inside the stock exchange there will not be any OTC listings or trading. Unless the investor has a good knowledge over the company, its financial statements and its management before buying, he may suffer a loss. Thus, OTC is highly risky.

The currency exchange performed by the western countries are liable for Forex trading. Foreign exchange trading is nothing but purchasing a quantity of one currency by a participant and changing it by selling another type of currency the participant has.

Forex's ultimate aim is to provide support to trade and investment. It helps the investor to gain a profit of small margin when compared to a fixed income profit by other marketers. If the investors are aware of buying a currency with an increase in its value with respect to the foreign exchange rate, they can sell the other currency in exchange for it to gain a profit.

As the Forex is working round the clock, it is impossible for humans to look after the investor's money. It is for this reason why Forex robots are made, they are nothing but software programs employed in the market to make the investor taste the profit. Forex robots manage the investor's accounts and act as a money managers.

There are many types of Forex robots available. Many of them help the investor by considering the previous trading methods. But a special robot called Forex Megadroid foresees the future and helps in buying a currency, the value of which is going to increase in the future and since acquires a profit to the investor.

Source by Anand Kannan