Here we are going to look at a free forex robot the pro traders use to make millions and you can too. It’s simple to understand, time efficient and works…

Forex robots have a bad name in general because most sold online have never even been traded for real and the track records are just simulations on paper which of course is easy, in the real world you don’t get the advantage of knowing the closing prices and the result is a wipe out.

This system is different. It’s been traded for real for over 25 years, made tons of money and can make your forex trading strategy more profitable too.

Let’s look at it and why it works.

The system was devised by one of the trading greats – Richard Donchian.

He noticed a 4 week cycle in many markets and thought up this simple system and it only has one rule which is below and its rule gives its name

The 4 Week Rule.

Buy a new 4 week high and hold it – then reverse this position to a short, when a 4 week low is hit. Keep a position in the market at all time and reverse on any new 4 week high or low.

Why it Works

That’s it – nice and simple but it works. Currency markets trend long term and most new trends start from and continue, from breakouts to new highs and lows.

If you think about the recent huge moves in the market, ask yourself this question:

How much would this system have made?

Look at the Forex charts and you will see how much you could have made with it.

These have been big moves and this forex trading system, puts you in and keeps you in them and it’s these moves that pile up the big profits.

A Simple Route to Profits

Don’t be deceived by its simplicity and think it doesn’t make huge profits – it does and will continue to do so, as long as markets trend and they always will.

Simple systems always work best, as they are robust with few elements to break and this makes them great for trading an odds market like forex.

A Filter to Smooth the Equity Curve

The system works great when markets trend – but when they don’t, it will of course lose (no systems perfect) but you can add a filter – exiting on a 2 week low or high, then going flat and re entering on the next 4 week trading signal.
A Great Time Efficient Way to Make Big Profits

So there you have it – a simple forex robot, that’s objective, can be executed in 15 minutes a day and makes big long term gains – in fact you don’t even need a computer, you can do the calculation in your head!

You don’t get much in life for free, that can make you money – so look at this automatic forex trading system and you will be glad you did.

Source by Kelly Price