There are many different forex robot products on the market today. Each one claims that it is the very best, often promising instant wealth. In reality, none of them can make any guarantees. The forex market is constantly moving and changing, and is impossible to accurately predict 100% of the time. These robots examine past patterns and output in the market, and make predictions about what will happen in the future based on formulas created by that data. Obviously, this is not a fool-poof method, and no program is going to be accurate 100% of the time. In many cases, history does repeat itself; the robots make the correct prediction and the user does profit. For this reason, forex robots have become very in recent years, and the market has exploded. While the increased selection is nice in some ways, it can be quite overwhelming and confusing for those who are trying to decide which robot to purchase. This article will review two of the top selling systems.

The Forex MegaDroid system is currently one of the highest selling forex robots available. It is a multi-market condition robot, and claims to have an accuracy rate of 95.82%. This system is also the first to use RCTPA, and artificial intelligence technology that allows the robot to not only more accurately predict the future of the market rather than solely relying on past data.

The FAP Turbo is one of the pricier systems, but with good reason. It is a forex expert advisor that is able to trade completely automatically, and on any MT4 trading platform. It is extremely user friendly, featuring a simple download and install package and a step-by-step tutorial that allows its ser to begin trading (and hopefully profiting) right away. It also claims to have an accuracy rate of about 95%.

Put in the term, "forex robot" into any search engine, and these two robots will dominate the results. The reason that they are so popular is that they have some of the best features in highest accuracy rates. They have been purchased by thousands, and have received many positive reviews. While no system is perfect, these particular robots offer their users a better chance of success than many of the smaller, less accurate systems.

Source by Timothy Rohrer