Forex Robot Trader ( provides different expert advisors (EAs) to the traders which supposedly helps them earn good returns in the markets. It also provides anyone visiting their site a free EA to test out their efficiency.

While we were investigating this service, we found a lot of misleading and inconclusive factors which not only is damaging to this company’s reputation but also makes us question the legitimacy of this firm.

If you are thinking about purchasing any EAs from them, make sure that you read our full ForexRobotTrader review in order to take an informed decision.

What is an Expert Advisor?

Expert Advisor is a piece of software which enters and exits trades based on preset instructions automatically.

Expert Advisors are compatible with Meta Trader 4 and Meta trader 5. However, EAs are not completely fail proof and have some disadvantages, which we are going to discuss later in this review.

Who is behind Forex Robot Trader? Support Details

There is no information about the creators or developers behind this service. The anonymous nature of the creator does not boost our confidence about their service.

The support team of this service can be reached through live support and email. The support team is available from 8 am – 4 pm US time.

Pricing and Features

There are 12 robots offered by this platform. Here is a complete list of salient features and pricing:

Odin Forex Robot – $129

  • Grid trading made easy
  • Expertly tuned for any pair
  • Brand New Broker shield
  • complete trading solution
  • Performance – Last 30 days – $165,564
  • Total in June – $152,624
  • So far this year – $943,561

Vader Forex Robot – $99

  • Fibonacci level show the way
  • Fully optimised setting
  • Trends and Retracements
  • No skills required
  • Performance – Last 30 days – $144,027
  • Total in June – $132,506
  • So far this year – $833,549

Reaper Forex Robot – $99

  • Slays pips with breakouts
  • All knowing, Ever powerful
  • All the timein the world
  • come one, come all
  • Performance – Last 30 days – $126,854
  • Total in June – $122,379
  • So far this year – $627,336

Ganon Forex Robot – $99

  • Uses Brand new stand theory
  • Battle Hardened
  • Choose your style
  • A Traders strongest Ally
  • Performance – Last 30 days – $104,926
  • Total in June – $95,419
  • So far this year – $624,013

Falcor Forex Robot – $99

  • Hunt pips with price action
  • Top of the food chain
  • Always Hungry
  • Great for New traders
  • Performance – Last 30 days – $90,002
  • Total in June – $82,891
  • So far this year – $626,535

Pterodactyl Forex Robot- $99

  • Automated Fractal Trading
  • Incredibly Intelligent
  • Built on a powerful strategy
  • Perfect for anyone
  • Performance – Last 30 days – $60,579
  • Total in June – $57,276
  • So far this year – $322,801

HAS Forex Robot – $99

  • Finds Huge Trend trades
  • Scans all eight time-frames
  • The original Expert Advisor
  • Easy for new traders
  • Performance – Last 30 days – $55,281
  • Total in June – $48,759
  • So far this year – $333,008

Hedge Forex Robot – $129

  • 100% Automatic Hedging
  • Lower your risk
  • Twice the traders
  • Great for any trader
  • Performance – Last 30 days – $ 50,083
  • Total in June – $ 45,088
  • So far this year – $ 288,114

The last 4 Forex robots which yields less than $210,000 per year are:

  1. Volatility Forex Robot – $ 69
  2. Directional Forex Robot – $ 59
  3. Fractal Breakout indicator – $ 49
  4. Wave Runner Forex Robot – $ 49

Question Marks and Red Flags

By seeing the pictures and trade results which are shown all over the website, you might be tempted to make a purchase.

But before you do buy this magical EA which yields enormous profits, know that the simulation and traders took by this EA are completely fake and they were never executed.

They have openly stated this point in the disclaimer section.

Showing profitable records, while putting a disclaimer stating that the records are fake is a shady marketing tactic used to catch visitors’ attention.

The explanation provided about the EA are either misleading or inconclusive. They never reveal the exact indicators or trading system it follows. The maximum win rate and draw down levels are also not stated.

These are the crucial factors which are essential for ensuring profits. How can they expect the users to buy their software without having a clear picture of what it offers?

Another major red flag is the fact that they do not offer a money back guarantee or any free trial period. Most of the legitimate services provide the customers with a way to test out their efficiency before making a purchase to boost the credibility factor.

There is no way to measure the actual performance of the EA without making a payment.

There is a blog section on this website wherein articles mainly promoting their products are published. If you are looking for posts providing quality education, there are many better alternatives out there which provides most of the information for free.

Forex Robot Trader Complaints

There have been a lot of complaints about this service on ForexPeaceArmy.

Here is what one of the customer said:

I started the Vader forex robot at least three weeks ago 9/22 it was and it has consistently lost money no matter what I do and I have even had a .set sent from the support section. It still loses money. They tell you of all the up side but they do not tell you how bad it is and that it can lose money a good amount of the time. It makes errors like buying high and selling low completely against any trading rules I have ever seen. I wonder if there are any good robots out there because from the proof I have, this one certainly is not worth it. It is down $150 so far.

Domain Insight

According to, the domain was registered on 21/06/2007.

This website has a global rank of 406,663 and it rank 238,402 in the United States.

The majority of the users coming to this website are from United States, Nigeria, India, Pakistan and Botswana.

They seem to be getting a lot of traffic from search engines for the team Forex Robots and they have also got nice traction on social media. - Forex Robot Trader

Is Forex Robot Trader a scam?

Most likely.

Claiming to make you profitable without any sort of auditory records while showcasing only the positive aspects of the EA are some of the common traits of a fraudulent service.

Forex Robot Trader Review Conclusion

There is no magic button to generate profits on the financial markets.

Do not buy any product or service which promises easy money.

Have you been scammed by Forex Robot Trader? Share your story by commenting below this review.

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