When I first entered the Forex market, I was clueless. I just did not know where to begin. I was lucky that I found a good mentor and was able to learn the tricks of the trade little by little until I knew enough to make a profit consistently.

Some new comers were less fortunate and were lured by unscrupulous companies into buying Forex signals.

Novice Forex investors pay steep fees for the information, believing that they will definitely make money from these signals. Sometimes they do, but sometimes they do not. Forex experts think these signals are worthless, but a lot of new traders seem to disagree. The fact of the matter is that each trader must decide for himself.

Why Is He Selling Forex Signals?

At a first glance, it may seem like a smart choice to pay for Forex signals and avoid the lengthy process of learning how to trade for yourself, but eventually all this can lead to trouble. Can you trust the person who is selling you signals? If he is really an expert trader, why is he willing to accept 100 dollars from you in exchange for the information that can make him millions?

Can They Give You a Free Trial?

If you really want to buy signals, you should only deal with vendors who are willing to give you a free trial. Trustworthy companies must be ready to allow buyers to test their forex signals before paying the full price or at least offer an ironclad money back guarantee. If they do not abide by this policy, you should take your business elsewhere. You should also ask for audited results from the signal provider. If they decline to give out this information, take your business elsewhere. If you are going to spend your money on signals, you should get the information from someone who is willing to let you examine their real previous results – not someone who is hiding something from you.

Source by James P. Allen