If there is only one thing that I would say that people want to get out of a forex trading education, is to trade like the rich do. I can’t say I blame them, can you? We all strive to tell our boss to “shove it where the sun don’t shine“. So what is it that separates the rich and powerful traders from the 95% of forex traders who will never make a cent trading?

It isn’t that the successful traders are any more intelligent than the other 95%. As a matter of fact, there are plenty of rich traders in this world, who don’t have an articulate bone in their body. So the unsuccessful ones can’t use that as excuse. Brains, or lack thereof have no bearing on one’s success in the trading world.

The real difference is the fact that, the successful traders can just look at naked chart (no indicators) and can predict where the price is headed. They can just look at a chart and understand it.

There it is. That’s the reason. I bet you were looking for a little more information about a forex trading education. Well, obviously there is more to this.

They also have to maintain control over fear and greed. The #1 killer of all forex accounts.

But the basic principles behind the actual trading decision is all on price action. For those that don’t know, this method has been used since the beginning of the stock markets. it may be the oldest trading method known to man, but it’s the most reliable.

Source by John Templeton