Forex trading is becoming more popular every day and for good reason. Fortunes can be made in a day. The market is traded up to 20 billion a day. Yes, each day.

Forex trading is not necessarily easy. It takes often years to really get the hang of it. With that said let me tell you what you can do to get the hang of it and not lose your butt while doing it.

There are several brokers out there that offer free demo accounts. Use them! A demo account uses all the real world information, but it does not place real trades and then real money. This gives you all the time and resources you would ever want to start learning Forex.

You can treat your demo account just like you would if it was real. And you should do exactly that. If you really want to learn, pay attention like it was real money.

Many of the demo accounts are quite advanced too. They have rich tools to help you analyze the trades you made and lots of other info at your fingertips.

Get a demo account and spend a lot of time with it. In time you can learn enough to start making real trades. However, until you are making money just about every time with your demo account I would not put real money into it. You are simply asking for trouble. It is never a good idea to invest in something that you do not fully understand.

I actually spent just about a year on my demo account before I invested one dollar in real money. It was worth it! My first 4 – 5 months I was losing money consistently, which at the time was discouraging, but you have to learn. However, I am proud to say that I really did not lose $ 60,000. It was just demo money.

We all dream of quitting that day job, but I can assure you that if you do not do your homework you will surely fail. The good thing is that you will only fail at first. With enough practice and patience you can succeed.

The trick is to study. When your brain is fried from all the Forex info then study some more. Keep at it and in time you will succeed.

Just remember to use a demo account to learn how to do it.

Source by Cathy Seiler