This article is all about trading Forex for maximum profits – learning a proven method quickly, spending just 30 minutes a day trading and earning triple digit gains – if you want to learn the method lets look at it in more detail.

Many people try to complicate Forex trading but it’s a proven fact that simple systems work best and this is because they have fewer elements to break and than complex ones. Now the system we are going to use is very simple and based on a simple fact, here it is:

If you look at any currency pair, you can see how all big bullish trends start and continue and its by breaking to new market highs. If you buy the right breaks, you will be making big profits with the odds on your side.

Now not every break to a new market high follows through, so you have to careful to buy the right breaks and here is a quick check list, on how to hit high odds trading set ups:

– Only buy breaks where the level has been tested 6 times or more before the break. The more tests you have the better the trade is likely to be.

– Make sure there is plenty of time between the breaks. Generally, look for there to be weeks or months before the break.

– If the vast majority of traders don’t see the break and the more the media tell you the currency is bearish on the break the better. Remember the vast majority of traders lose and if they don’t see the trade coming that’s great news and the reason why can be explained by the Heisenberg principle in physics which postulates that:

“if something is closely observed, the odds are it is going to be altered in the process” If a market breaks when know one expects it the odds are therefore far higher than when they do”

– In terms of markets which are less observed, try trading cross rates as you very often get better trends and breakouts, than you do in the major currencies.

Well all the above is pretty to understand and it works – why? Because markets will always trend and the big trends, always start from breakouts and the really good breaks occur when, only the elite contrary traders are prepared to take the trade.

You can of course add a few indicators but just use a few and I would say 3 is the maximum you should use.

If you only trade high odds breakouts you can trade just a few times a month and make really big gains – this trading method is all about making maximum Forex profits, in the least amount of time and with the least amount of effort – so don’t put in more work than you need to – you don’t get rewarded for hard work in Forex, just being right with your trading signal.

I have been using breakout trading for 25 years, it’s a great way to trade and if you want to get in on all the best trends and profits, you should try it too.

Source by Kelly Price