The Forex trading method enclosed is used by some of the world’s best traders and if you use it to you will have a simple strategy which can make you a triple digit annual income in around 30 minutes a day. Let’s look at the strategy in more detail.

This method aims to catch high odds treading scenarios with an aim to keeping risk low and profit potential high and is based simply on buying price breaks to new chart highs and the reason this works is based on the following logic.

Any bullish currency will break to new highs when it starts trending and continue doing this, as as the trend is develops. In a moment, we will look at how to spot the best breakouts with the highest odds but first let’s look at why most traders don’t use this strategy, despite the fact it works.

Most traders come to Forex with the view that buying low and selling high is the way to make money and they want to get in right at the low, so they predict where a low might hold, jump in and trade it and lose. Traders continually try and guess the exact turn and will not buy a trend in motion and that’s EXACTLY what happens when a breakout occurs, the trend is in motion and these losing Forex traders want to get in at a cheaper price, so they wait and of course miss the move as the breakout continues and piles up huge profits as the price accelerates away.

A trend in motion is more likely to continue than reverse and the trader who buys the breakout, knows that he has the odds on his side and doesn’t worry about not being perfect and what he’s missed, he just focuses on how much profit is ahead of him!

When looking for potential opportunities look for levels of resistance that have been very strong in the past with lots of tests and preferably in two or more time frames which are at least a few months apart. The stronger a level was before the breakout, increases the odds of the breakout continuing once the price resistance levels gives way.

A huge percentage of the world’s top traders, include breakout methodology in there trading strategies and if you do too, you will have a method which is based on sound logic, is easy to understand and have confidence in and makes a lot of money.

Source by Kelly Price