Trading systems based on price breakout can be considered as a system based on oscillations. In other words traders who use breakout systems are not interested in long-term trades but immediate price movement.

Breakout trading systems are based on assumption that if price breached the boundary of a range then there is a high probability that the move will continue. It does last a short period of time but that can be enough to make a profit in a trade.

I believe breakout trading strategies is a good place to start for a beginner trader. It has number of benefits

1. It is the best exercise to practice your trading skills.

2. It can teach you some techniques that can be hard to learn in other strategies like buying the dips and selling the rallies. Most people do not feel comfortable trading such strategies. Breakout strategy on the other hand is easy to master.

3. Trading strategies on breakout have clear rules of setting stop losses. It is very important for new traders because it helps to follow the right money management rules. Violating the money management rules is the most popular reason of failure in trading.

4. It will teach you to be patient since in most cases breakout systems work best if the trade is transported out to the next day.

5. This kind of trading systems will allow you to improve your trading skills. Most of them require active participation in market compared to other systems like many trend following systems. Many traders are afraid to push the button when it comes to placing an order. Breakout systems can help you to overcome such fear by continuing executing mechanical trades. Most of them require placing pending orders that also relives the fear of taking action in market.

6. Even if you are in the habit of entering the market based on your discretion, breakout systems still can help you to better understand the dynamics of market. I believe any mechanical system can help you develop a feel for the market. The only thing you need to do is relentlessly execute the trades.

As any other system breakout systems have their own pros and cons. These systems can give you a good profit on volatile and trending market. But when market starts moving sideways the breakout system experiences losses. You can trade any breakout system as is. Placing the orders whenever price breaks the range. Or you can try to filter out the sideway movement of price and stay out of market in those periods of time.

Source by Albert Schmidt