If you are a novice trader sometimes the easiest forex trading strategy to use is a swing trading strategy as it overcomes two problems that most novice traders face but cant overcome.

By using a swing trading strategy not only can you access these problems, you can give yourself a great chance of currency trading success.

Let's look at this forex trading strategy in more detail

1. Patience

Most novice traders lack patience and they think the more they trade the better.

Most go for forex day trading which is probably the best way to lose money you can get – day trading simply does and can not work, due to the fact all short term volatility is random.

You can never get the odds in your favor and you can never win – PERIOD.

Other traders however lack patience when long term forex trend following – they simply can not accept the profits it wants to give them!

We all want profits – but when you sit on a long term trade and see open equity dips of thousands of dollars the temptation to take it is huge and most novice traders bank profits far to soon.

If you are forex trend following you need to take a bit more risk and that means hanging on for longer term gains.

Most traders simply do not have the patience and discipline to do this and it's hard even for pro traders.

Swing trading when incorporated in a forex trading strategy overcomes the problem.

You are looking at making profits in periods of 3 days to a few weeks, so you are never holding a position for long periods, and there are plenty of opportunities to keep the trader interested and finally, stop loss protection can be tight keeping low risk .

Forex swing trading is easier than long term trend following as you do not have to be so patient, it's easy to maintain discipline, which is the key to big forex gains.

2. Swing Trading is simple

Swing trading tend to be quite simple to learn.

All you need to do is look at support and resistance and use some momentum indicators to time your trades.

One or two timing indicators are all you need to judge price momentum as it moves into test support and resistance and your all set to swing trade.

Being simple to understand is a big advantage, because from understanding coming confidence and from confidence, flows discipline – the key to successful trading is having the disipline to foloow your plan through periods of losses and is a trait all successful traders have.

So if you want to trade currencies then try swing trading its simple, easy on the mind and can be very profitable.

Consider it as part of your forex trading strategy and let it help lead you to the currency trading success you desire.

Source by Kelly Price