If you want to buy a mechanical forex trading system there are plenty on the net that you can buy but 99% of them do not work as they have never been traded and come with simulated track records. On the other hand, you can use this free one which is simple and profitable.

The trading system we are going to look at is incredibly simple but do not assume that just because it's simple it does not work – it does. You can make big profits with it by incorporating it in to your forex trading strategy.

This system was developed by trading legend Richard Donchian in the late seventies for trading commodities and many traders have used over the years. While it was developed to trade commodities it works well in currency markets because they trend.

The system is called "The four week rule" and it does exactly what its name implies.

Here are the rules:

1) Close short positions and reverse to a long position when a price exceeds the highs of the previous 4 weeks.

2) Close long positions and reverse to a short position when a price falls below the lows of the previous 4 weeks.

That is the system and you could not get simpler than that.

The above will work very well in trending markets but in sideways and consolidating markets it will get chopped, so you can consider using a filter. Enter trades on the 4 week rule – but exit the position on a shorter time period and go flat.

1 or 2 week cycles are ones to consider. You would then simply re enter on the next 4 week signal.
I have used this currency trading system as part of my strategy for years and it works -most traders will not use it though, despite the fact its proven and it works – Why?

1. It's too simple.

Most people discount it purely on this, although simple systems always tend to beat complicated ones as they are more robust.

2. It takes a discipline to follow, as it is not fussy about exact market timing.

Most traders are obsessed with buying low and selling high (even though it does not work!) So can not follow it and most traders lack discipline anyway.

3. Its not trendy.

Most forex traders like trendy or mystical systems Fibonacci, Elliot Wave, Neural networks, artificial intelligence etc which are all a bit more glamorous than a system from the seventies, with one parameter.
Make no mistake though, this system beats most on the net that are sold and it's free!

While it may be simple, keep in mind many famous traders have used it such as, Richard Dennis, the turtles and many more – if it's good enough for them, it's good enough for you.

You can of course just use the general principle in your forex trading strategy as a currency trading system it is based on the 4 week cycle of price and you will be surprised at how important it is.

To get diversification you can trade contracts with other markets as well and diversify. For example -the energies and interest rate markets are good trending markets to combine with contracts.

The 4 week rule is free and if you are serious about your forex education, take a look at it and it will help you enjoy forex trading success.

Source by Kelly Price