There a big buzz word at the moment and many people will tell you, that a complicated mathematical algorithm based system, can help you win at Forex – but they don’t work and there is a better way to trade…

Fact: Forex markets do not move to certainties and are not a market with mathematical structure, so what good is a complex mathematical algorithm?

Not much use at all.

Forex robot vendors sell this theory, with their sure fire systems and promise of riches with no effort but these robots are junk and the market teaches them some respect, by giving them a wipe out of equity.

It’s a fact that simple systems work better, than those based on complex mathematics. Forex markets are an odds based market and in a brutal ever changing, world of currency markets, a simple system is more robust, with fewer elements to break than a complicated one and more likely to win.

If you want a graphic example of how complex systems don’t help traders win, look at the ratio of winners to losers. 50 years ago 95% of traders lost and the same ratio applies today, despite all the advances in technology.

People see technology enrich our lives, in areas such as transport, health and communications and immediately think it will enrich their trading experience – but it doesn’t.

Forex trading success is based upon the same fundamentals it was based on 50 or 100 years ago which are a simple, odds based system, combined with good money management and applied with discipline.

Leave complex mathematical algorithms, to the dreamers, nerds and losers.

Keep you’re trading simple and robust, apply your system with confidence and discipline and you can enjoy currency trading success.

Source by Kelly Price