Can we live without a formal education? The answer can be yes as what we need for living are food, shelter and clothes. As long as we can make money for living it is fine. However, do not we need education? Many people who only graduated from elementary and junior high school can be successful in their life by doing catering business or working in construction. So still we need education?

When parents sent their children to a kindergarten, in their imagination those little children will contribute their knowledge in a comfortable place. They will make a lot of money and will be repected by others because of their jobs. White-collar occupations are many parents expect on their children's. The improvement of living is something important for everyone. Nowadays, parents get more burdens as the children education level is getting higher. It means also higher school tuition. Many parents still believe that education will change their children's life. They believe it is a kind of "future hope" if we can not say it investment. The world is developing; On the other hand, people need to actualize themselves to improve their personality as well as living standard. Sadly, not everyone can be sent to school considering their poverty. Parents prefer using the wages for living to sending their children to school. On the contrary, many children are sent to work to get some money to support family daily needs.

The education tuition is getting higher and higher slowly. Later on, only wealthy family can send their children to university. How about those who are brilliant academically but unfortunately come from modest family? How sweet words self actualization and self improvement are.

Source by Tomy Yosafat