Why can not you make money online? You might think that it's because the market is too decorated and there's too much competition. You might think it is because most "make money" programs are scams. You might even think that it is because it is just too hard. Well, you're one hundred percent wrong on all counts.

There are four reasons why you can not, (or I should say "do not" because I do not believe in the word "can not") make money online. Here they are:


It is always easiest to put things off until later to do. It is even easier when you have no one to account to but yourself. This is one of the hazards of working for yourself.

Avoid procrastinating by making a to do list every day, and checking off each item on your list after you've completed it. Go one step beyond and make a focused effort to complete the most difficult tasks first.

Information Overload

The Internet is full of information about making money online. It is easy to get so full of information that you get confused and distracted. Many newbies have described being choked by it, by being enveloped by so much information that it stifles them.

The best way to overcome information overload is to act. Take some of the information you've gathered and use it. For example, if you've just learned how to do keyword research, then start researching some keywords. In fact, make a habit of always putting into action any good information that you learn before seeking out further information. In this way, you'll always be moving forward even while you're still learning and you'll never feel completely overwhelmed.

Jumping From One Method to Another

You start with pay-per-click advertising, but instead of refining your skills, you jump into article marketing and SEO. When that does not work out, you jump to yet another method. The same is true for make money programs. You buy one program, spend a little time on it and then move on to another one without giving your all to the first program.

What would happen if you jumped from one career to another career with the frequency that a lot of newbies jump from one method to another for making money online? You would not get very far, would you? You've found that you've never established yourself in one field and that your salary would never really grow. The same holds true with methods for making money on the internet.

Find a method that suits you and your goals and stick with it. If you enjoy PPC and you have enough money to be able to utilize it best, then stick with it. If your campaigns are not performing the way you'd like them to be, then find out why, learn, and get better. Do not simply just quit because you've hit a snag.

Jack Of All Trades, Master of None

Along with jumping from method to method coming spreading your attention over a number of areas of expertise, like ppc or article marketing but not taking the time to really improve your skills in any one area. In this way, you become mediocre, at best, in a number of areas, but you never really excel in any one area.

Instead of being merely mediocre in a number of areas, why not take the time to really learn the ins and outs of one or two? This is not something that can happen overnight or from merely reading about it, it is learned from practice and experience.

Source by Kathy McGraw