How to keep your identity secure and enjoy free anonymous browsing is a subject that although slightly geeky is increasingly coming to the fore. Many of us have experience or knowledge of someone who has been the victim of identity theft. I myself have had my card cloned in a local garage which was then used to go on a spending spree in Germany and I’m supposed to be a security expert ! Unfortunately in some circumstances there’s little you can do but trust people with your identity but I want to warn you against a huge mistake that people are making at the moment.

It’s the sort of advice you’d get at your local bar…

Me: ” Some guy at work found loads of charges on his credit card last week from an online casino. Over $4000 taken from his card !”

Bar Security Expert: ” Well he was probably careless using his card online”

Me: ” So how can I be safe online”

Bar Security Expert: ” Well what you need is to protect your anonymity – I am completely secure because I use anonymous browsing via a free anonymous proxy”

Me: ” Wow that’s sounds secure – how do I do that?”

Unfortunately a little knowledge is indeed a dangerous thing and this is illustrated by people using free anonymous proxies to protect themselves. So here’s a few points that you should think about before using one of these proxies. Firstly they are extremely expensive to run – anyone providing this service is spending an awful lot of money to protect your anonymity for free. Next point is that when you use one of these proxies you are transferring all your data via a single point on the internet – the owner of that server has almost unlimited control over your data which is mostly in clear text.

Makes you think doesn’t it ? All your data being piped through this single server which someone is providing at great expense for nothing to protect your data.

Take a minute and think about this

Now if I told you that many of the these free anonymous proxies were controlled by identity thieves would you be completely surprised? Unfortunately it is true, there are estimates that over 90% of these free proxies are infected with spyware – a certain irony there don’t you think ? If you’re using a free anonymous proxy expect it to be very slow – if it isn’t then I’d be even more worried that sort of bandwidth doesn’t come cheap!

My message is simple – if you do not know who controls an anonymous proxy server please don’t use it. So many of the free ones are traps that you’d be ill advised to risk it unless you knew who the administrator was – in fact it would be utter madness, you would be much safer not using an anonymous proxy at all!

Personally I pay a small fee for a secure encrypted service where I surf the net anonymously and all my communication is encrypted to US military levels. The software provides me with as near total anonymous browsing as is possible – I also use it on my work PC as it prevents all my web traffic being monitored by sites I visit, wireless hotspots. Everything is encrypted from my PC so is unreadable even on my secured proxy – in a word I am secure.

Source by Jim Rjindael