When most of us decide that working for someone else stinks and we start our internet marketing career we do it with very little start up money. I started out that way and it is for those of you who are doing likewise that I have written this article.

If you want to get started working from home there two things that you absolutely must understand. First, free money making ideas are not free. Every cent that you earn on the internet will cost you something. While it may not be actual cash that you must spend rest assured there is still an investment. That investment is your time.

Second, free money making ideas are not free. Does that sound like you have heard it somewhere before? In this case they are not free because even though I am giving them to you for free you may have to have a bit of cash to fully implement them.

OK with that out of the way let's get on with our free money making ideas.

1.) Blogging

I am ranking blogging as the top of the free money making ideas because it is probably the easiest thing in the world to do. All you have to do is go to one of the free blogging sites and set up a blog. Then add some revenue sources to it such as Google AdSense or affiliate products and you have your business started.

2.) Affiliate Marketing

Selling products for others is a great way to get started earning cash online. It is quite simple to do as well. Join one of the big affiliate networks like Clickbank, Paydotcom, or Commission Junction and sell products for commission.

3.) Freelance Work

The last of my free money making ideas is not only easy but fun. Put the talents that you have to use by doing freelance work. If you can write, program, code, transcribe, or perform a number of other skills you are in high demand online. All you have to do is join Elance, Rentacoder, or one of the other freelance sites and put your services up for hire.

Like I said earlier free money making ideas are not free. They require you to spend time and in some cases real money as well. I have given you 3 solid free money making ideas now it is up to you to put them into use.

Source by Gary Baker