They include patches, gums, and lozenges, medications (prescriptions and over the counter). These come as nicotine based products as well as herbal based products. The herbal products also include herbal chews and All Mint chews.

Free quit smoking products can be obtained in a variety of ways. The manufacturer’s in order to get you to use their product may offer you a week’s free trial. Their hope is that you will like the product and purchase it. They also count on word of mouth to hawk their products.

Some manufacturers will propose that if you buy a 30 day supply of their product, they will give you 1/2 or 1/3 more free. If you are drawn to this product and you like it, if you need to use something in the future you will choose their product. Orders over $25.00 can get a free gift, usually a sample of product or a larger amount than you first ordered.

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Other ways to get free quit smoking products come in the form of rebates in almost any amount. Occasionally the rebate cancels out the purchase price and your product will ultimately be free. Coupons are also available. Although, it is only for say a discount of 5% or more, sometimes they will return the entire purchase price with a valid coupon and receipt.

What kind of products would put out free samples, rebates, and discounts with coupons.
Free quit smoking reports, newsletters, and brochures about quitting smoking are free. Books and e-books on quit smoking are also free.

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Some software creators will offer a scaled down version of their program for free or the full program to try free for as much as 30 days. The programs are generally interactive self help programs with charts and calendars to mark your progress.

While not technically a product many companies will offer free customer support both for quit smoking support and support directly related to their product. In order to get these freebies you need do your research.

Getting something free is always fun. Websites may offer free samples of products simply for visiting their site or for completing short product surveys. Do your homework and research things. It would be to your advantage and yes the company’s advantage as well.

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