Here are simple ten online business promotion ideas. They are free and easy to use but with a positive impact on your web traffic and ultimately profitability. You know them but you can easily unlock their potential and fly higher than you are, Try them today!

Starting Your Own Blog-It’s an internet marketing tool that is highly interactive site that will allow your visitors get more information on your product or service while still giving their opinions through comments. It gives you an instant credibility. They are easy to maintain and are more dynamic.

Commenting on other Blogs- Choose other related sites and comment on the content. It’s a wise way to market your link online because you have to fail your link before commenting. This will give related traffic back to you if the visitors follow the backlink.

Become a guest Blogger – It’s another internet marketing idea worth you energy and time. Start blogging on other friendly blogs and you will be creating more backlinks and targeted traffic to your site. It’s like another exchange program!

Participating in Forums Related to Your Niche – This form of internet marketing allows you interact with potential visitors outside your blog or website. Depending on the way you carry yourself when responding to their issues, you will be sure of directing some them to your site as well. Choosing a forum of your niche ensures you only interact with those interested in what you have.

Sharing Your Articles and Content Online- This makes sure your get backlinks from all those who use your content. It’s a great way to market online your expertise thereby attracting more visitors into your blog site.

Marketing with Videos – Pictures say more than words. It’s now easy to create professional homemade videos about your business or hobby. The cameras are cheaper now; sophisticated yet easy to use video editing software’s does help you achieve this. Simply upload them on a video directory site, your website or blog .They are very effective online marketing tools. The most popular video directory site is you tube.

Building Your Own Email List -Email Marketing is successful as you can directly communicate with your subscriber or client personally. It allows for customization of information, tips invitation for give a ways, discounts etc. This list should be carefully developed and campaign carried out with extreme respect so as not to be labeled a spammer.

Tweeting on Twitter – Establish your fan base in tweeter and provide updates on your business, offers, new products etc. This is a great online business promotion tool and is free too. Join the bandwagon and rise to new heights.

Embrace and take advantage of Social Bookmarking – Bookmarking allows you to select your favorite pages for others to see. Bookmarking your business website, articles, blogs allows shifting the intention of internet users to them .It also assists in faster indexing by search engines as they are taken as votes for it.

Use the Facebook – This is one of the greatest and most popular social sites currently. It’s also an internet marketing tool if you use it wisely. Just join, invite as many friends as possible and start chatting. Don’t forget putting your business web address between the conversations. There are many people currently using it this way, don’t shy joining them too and share their fan base too.

Source by Sullivan Pau