We can’t blame those people who have decided to change their occupations to something else entirely. We all know that being a court reporter means a great deal of work. But really, occasionally you’ve to switch your job for the better. Let’s learn from these few individuals who on one occasion in their lives lived as court reporters but have opted to go after the careers in which they think they are able to shine even more.

1. Charles Dickens – Not everybody knows him, and if they do know him, it’s because of the books he’s written. Charles Dickens is a Brit, who is renowned for his notable novels and books like The Adventures of Oliver Twist, The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby, The Life and Adventures of Martin Chuzzlewi and many others. He started off as a clerk in a Navy office in his birth place in Portsmouth and because of his passion with court related jobs, he chose to study and become a court reporter. At the tender age of 16, he became a court reporter. He become a member of numerous newspaper companies that reported daily proceedings of the Parliament. Dickens has long been one of the most well-known English writers/authors who have never gone out of prints. Dickens died at the age of 58 because of a stroke. Until now his skills in court reporting continues to inspire a lot of young court reporter wannabe’s.

2. Harvey Keitel – is one of those unforgettable American superstars who starred in many motion pictures like The Piano, Bad Lieutenant, Cop Land, Bad Timing and Life on Mars. He came into this world in New York City where he was raised and met his wife and had kids. For some time, he stayed at Lebanon and at the age of sixteen became a member of the United States Marine Corp. His court reporting career started after he returned from Lebanon. This was a stepping stone in his life which aided him before he started his career as an actor.

3. Michelle Pfeiffer – a Santa Ana, California babe who starred in several movies like The Hollywood Knights, Scarface and Batman Returns. She has been nominated for six consecutive Golden Globe Awards and has won several Best Actress awards. She chose to be a court reporter after she graduated from Fountain Valley High School in 1976. However it was a year after when she decided to audition for commercials and no sooner grew to become among the most famous actresses in her generation. She obtained her Hollywood Walk of Fame on 6 August 2007 and was recognized as STAR 2,345. She made the best choice, don’t you think?

Conclusion To be a celebrity means a great deal of work and it demands your full attention, so we cannot truly blame these people why they wanted it. What’s essential is that they have found what they want and we are pretty sure that they are truly pleased with what they’ve become at the moment.

Sometimes things don’t turn it quite as we planned it in our heads, but somehow it always turns out for the best!

Source by John Swift