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The Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA) of Belgium has issued an official statement that warns traders to stay away from 7 new cryptocurrency trading platforms, which it deems to be “suspicious” and most likely all scams. This warning is based on the wide range of new complaints the financial watchdog has been gathering from traders in Belgium who have fallen victim to these crypto trading companies.

With this new addition, the FSMA has now updated its list of suspicious cryptocurrency trading platforms to 120 websites – all of which it concluded to be frauds.

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The 7 cryptocurrency trading websites that have been
identified by the FSMA are the following:

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How Do Crypto Scams Work?

As in most cases of crypto scams, the websites listed above by
FSMA try to lure people in by claiming to be easy, fast and safe.  They assure unknowing investors that no prior
knowledge in cryptocurrency trading is needed and that they too can make “thousands
of dollars” by merely a click of a button.

Of course, these claims are not only entirely misleading,
but completely false. All trading comes with some degree of risk and you should
never begin investing in a crypto trading software or broker before you
fully understand how retail trading works and all the risks involved.

If you have ever traded with a licensed and regulated
broker, you will know that you will always be required to fill in a list of
trading questions to prove whether or not you are ready to start trading with
real money. Regulated brokers also never claim to make investors
millionaires – fast or give any type of bonuses. These are all signs that the
broker or software you are about to invest in is a scam.  

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It is important to note here that this list does not consist
of all the crypto trading websites that are deemed as scams. This is the
FSMA’s most recent addition of crypto trading scams. Their full list consists
of 120 websites.

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