FX Revenge is another forex trading software that came to the market in 2017. In this review, we will explain to you how this software works and is it reliable, however, what is happening first when we saw it is that very few information about software is available. Fair Binary Options team never traded with FX Revenge, and FX Revenge review is based on the information available on their website. Also, FX Revenge software review found out how this product shows several signs of a scam, and it is not recommended to use it for Forex trading as there is no much information and there is high risk involved with this software.

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What is FX Revenge Software?

A person named Bob Dollar tells us in his video on the home page his displeasure with the software he used previously. After that, he wants from his visitors and potential customers to register for this software and track his trading mode to earn large amounts of money.

These are just some of the benefits promised:

  • Copying Your Trades Directly To Your Trading Account
  • Starting In Just 2 Easy Steps, No Experience Necessary
  • Eliminating Fear And Using Proven Strategies
  • Seeing Your Performance And Improving Your Skills

This sounds very good and useful, however, we do not have any information that this actually works. We tried to register on the site by entering all the information that was requested from us, however, we were not able to pass the first registration step due to some error on the page.

FX Revenge Profits Review

The FX Revenge video explains how you’re able to earn over $ 400,000 a year or more. That is about $ 30,000 per month. These numbers are high and incredible but they are impossible to verify.

Unfortunately, we cannot take any of these numbers or suggestions as evidence. Pictures of traveling through the world and showing expensive stuff cannot convince us that system is working and that FX Revenge is based on reliable information.

Bob Dollar FX Revenge

FX Revenge System Price

The FX Revenge System, by Bob Dollar sayings, is free and anyone can use it, from beginner to professional. We did not see any investment required in the video, but it has been mentioned several times that it is necessary to invest money to earn profits.

Again, we were unable to create an account so we cannot confirm this information. However, this irresistibly reminds us of the various software we’ve already reviewed in our blacklisted section.

FX Revenge Review – Verdict

This Forex system is another type of trading software that we did not find enough information to consider it for reliable trading. All system-related claims cannot be verified, and the technology behind the software cannot be checked.

The obligations and services provided by FX Revenge System are not available, as there is the only video which shows us the benefits and the story that needs to delight us. Also, there is no any company information listed: name, address, license number or even contact form where you can ask for a help if you have any problems.

FX Revenge System Dollar

Traders should have access to this information since they are investing and need to invest money into something they know nothing about. Forex experts like Cassey Stubbs also said in his interview with Forbes that every trader needs to watch and consider everything when he is investing money in Forex trading. Finally, FX Revenge Review has to conclude that there is a great chance that this system is a scam. However, there are other solutions and automated software that can provide quality trading.

Finally, FX Revenge Review has to conclude that there is a great chance that this system is a scam. However, there are other solutions and automated software that can provide quality trading. We suggest that you inform and explore the financial market, especially regarded to Forex trading, so you can start trade smooth and safe.

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