If you have been looking for a FX Universal review, it must have been hard finding one that was real and unbiased. So I thought I would way in on this, and give an honest, unbiased review of FX Universal and their signal service.

Honestly, I don’t think they are very good. For starters, they don’t really have a support team. If you call them up, chances are you’ll get somebody from the sales department. If you have a question that revolves around the trading signals, well…good luck getting an answer, because you probably won’t.

But let’s talk about their signal service. After all, that’s why most people join up with them.

When you go to their website, they show their performance reports for their signal service using their FXDashboard. It looks amazing, doesn’t it? Even the presentation, showing the flashy lights just makes you want to give them a shot.

Well, when most try it out, they’ll usually find that it’s not what they expected and worst of all, they did not get the same kind of results as shown in their performance reports. I’m not sure how they calculated those pips, but I don’t think it’s based on reality.

No review of FX Universal’s signal system would be complete without the mention of how many subscribers have crashed their accounts using their calls. It’s really sad but if you look around the internet, you’ll hear many horror stories of people who had decent accounts left with nothing in them after taking FX Univeral’s Signals.

Source by John Temp