We always suspected Bill Gates of being a lousy crook, and this is a joke of course! Today’s review is in reference to the Gates Way SCAM, which is literally the worst, defaming fake software we stumbled upon in years. Let this Gates Way review stand as an official warning to active day traders as well as the general public, not to believe or engage in this outrageous scam. Investing in this fake software on the presumption that Bill Gates is behind it, will lead to nothing else other than becoming the victim of another scam. During the course of our review, we expose all the deceptive tactics employed by these imposters.

The Gates Way scam is touted as a trading software developed by famous entrepreneur & co-founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates. According to the website Economynews-break.com, Mr Gates has spent over $2.5 billion dollars over the past couple of years on this secret project, which is based on the idea of wealth redistribution. Apparently, he is tired of the top one percent holding most of the world’s wealth and plans on redistributing it back to regular people through the Gates Way software scam. The algorithm has a supposed accuracy rate of 77% and has been locked to binary options trading with max trade sizes of $200. They claim that by doing it this way they can prevent the stock market from collapsing. However, the fake Bill Gates claims that the software will generate a guaranteed profit of $ 1.455 per day and predicts that by 2026 there will be no more poverty. This is just too insane to review, but we must warn you.

Let’s get straight to the point of this review, which is proving that Gates Way is a scam. Firstly, when you land on the website you will notice that it has been designed to look like CNN Money. For those who may not know, this is not the official CNN Money site. The domain name itself gives it away, however scammers rely on the fact that those who do not follow world and finance news will not notice this. The official CNN site is actually Money.cnn.com. If one views the two sites side by side you will easily see how the scammers have tried to mimic the official site. Additionally, the image used of Bill Gates being supposedly interviewed on CNN about Gates Way software, with the red and white ‘breaking news’ banner is actually taken during a Bloomberg Television interview he did with his wife Melinda Gates in New York, on the 23rd February 2016. This image is licensed to Getty Images and if you look closely, you can see how they have tried to blur out the Getty Images logo. The editing is shocking to say the least but most people would’n even notice until pointed out.

When you access the main page of the Gates Way scam, Economynews-break.com/members, you will be greeted by a video of Bill Gates talking on the TED talk show about his new software meant to rob the 1% of their wealth. This video has also been edited. In the original video which can be found in this TED Lecture, Bill Gates is actually talking about the Ebola outbreak. If you listen to the video on Gates Way and then listen to the original, you will hear without a doubt that it is not the same voice. They have used a voice over artist recording and overlaid it on the video. When Mr Gates first walked on stage at the TED conference he came out pushing a large green barrel, this barrel can still be seen in the edited version. They have also covered the Ebola image in the middle with the Gates Way logo. These scammers have gone to great lengths to convince you that Bill Gates is behind this. We almost feel sorry for them because should the news of this fraud ever reach him, they better go into hiding.

Although the deplorable people behind this scam have tried hard to convince you of their so-called software’s legitimacy they have failed in many places to. An example of this would be using cheap actors from the online marketplace called Fiverr. When you watch the entire presentation video as we did, you will see two so-called managers as well as testimonials from the Gates Way beta testers. All of these people are fake. For example Peter Collins, who claims to be in charge of the testing and debugging team is a well-known actor who has been used in multiple scams in the past such as Magnetic Profits. Moreover, stealing the identity of a famous person is overused by now. According to Sophos, an anti-virus vendor, Mr Gates takes first place in the list of common hoaxes and scams using his identity. It is a shameful tactic and unfortunately a lot of innocent people fall for it.

There are a few other red flags one can easily notice if looking hard enough. For example, the spelling and grammar on the website is atrocious. Mr Gates is a highly educated and intelligent man who would never be associated with a site who cannot use the correct grammar. Another tell-tale sign is that the website Economynews-break.com was registered privately with NameCheap Inc on the 25th May 2017. Do you really think an IT tycoon who holds the world’s largest server farms would register a site with NameCheap? We seriously doubt it. This is yet another warning sign of foul play.

Review Verdict: Gates Way is a Scam!
Blacklisted Site: Economynews-break.com

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We sincerely advise you not to believe anything you see or hear regarding this fraudulent app. Hopefully, we have laid out more than enough evidence in this Gates Way review to deter you from signing up with them and set you back on the path of safety. Should you be looking for a reliable and legitimate and regulated FX, CFD, Crypto or Binary options broker, be sure to check out WatchDog’s Trusted Brokers list. For any questions you may email us directly at BinaryoptionsWatchdog@gmail.com or comment below with any feedback and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for taking a moment to read our honest review.


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