When it comes to making money with squiddo, what could be fairly said is that you can certainly generate traffic with squiddo. If you know how to convert traffic into sales, you can certainly earn money. But what should be understood here is that squiddo does not make you money by itself. You can use it to generate traffic which in turn can help you generate sales.

You would have to make use of email marketing and building opt-in email lists to convert that traffic into sales. So, the primary question would relate to generating traffic with squiddo. How can this be done?

There are a number of ways in which this could be done. One of the most popular ways is by creating lens. Pages on squiddo are called lenses. You can then go on linking your lenses with other lenses and generate traffic. Squiddo has a lens ranking system and the higher your lens get ranked, the more traffic you can expect to get.

Getting better lensrank is really important as it allows you to generate more traffic to your squiddo page. You can start with ranking other lenses and ask other lensmaster to reciprocate. It would improve your lens rank. Your lensrank would also depend on the frequency with which your update your lens. It is better to go on updating your lens on a daily basis. The ranks are based on the activity on your lens. In this way you can earn money through squiddo.

Source by Sean Mize