If you've spent any time in a Las Vegas casino I'm sure you've experienced a comp. A comp is a complimentary room, drink, meal or other gift that the casino gives out to reward their loyal customers. While practically everyone has experienced the free drinks in the Vegas casinos, not everyone has had a chance to take part in getting something of real value from the house.

There are several ways to ensure you get your comps. The most common of these is to sign up for the free casino players clubs. Just the act of signing up will make sure you're in the loop to receive some pretty good offers on returning visits. Not only that, you can use your players card on virtually any wager you make in the casino, which depends on several factors can add up to some nice casino comps.

Your player's card can be entered whenever you play a slot machine. Always make sure you enter your card properly into the machine so you receive credit for your play. You must make sure you leave your card inserted while you play and remember to take it with you before you go. Another great way to make money from your player's card is to use it at the table games.

To use your players card at the table games you must ask to be rated. Many times a pit boss will watch your play for several minutes and determine your rating by the amount of your table bets. Once you are finished playing you'll get your card back. If you've been playing for a long time it's even possible to get comped right at the table. I've had great success getting a free meal after playing a card game for a couple of hours, just by asking the pit boss for one. The great thing about getting a meal comp is that it's almost always for two.

The casino rewards players for comps based on the games they play. Certain games with a larger house edge pay more in player comps. Games like Blackjack and Craps which are traditionally low house edge games, usually provide the least amount of player comps. While games like Roulette and Slots tend to pay out much more in comps due to the fact that over time the casino will profit much more from those players.

One thing to remember is your rate of return will be based on the hours played at your rating level. Or the amount of coins cycled through a slot machine, and not on your wins or losses. With this in mind you can successfully reduce the house edge further by playing games that give you a good return and the best odds.

You'll most likely gamble at many different casinos. But do not get roped into believing you'll need different player's cards at each casino. In Las Vegas specifically, you'll find that the same player's card is often connected to several casinos. Concentrate your wagering to those casinos and you'll be rewarded with plenty of comps.

Source by Matt Sherborne