I never would have believed that I would get paid just to express my view. I am amazed at the opportunity which the Internet has bestowed upon us. The opportunities are indeed amazing and at the same time, there are tons of pitfalls too. If you are serious and want to get paid taking surveys then you need to be able to separate the wheat from the chaff so to speak. There are a lot of scammers out on cyberspace and they are looking to take advantage of those wanting to make money on the internet. Fortunately, there are some good practical steps you can take in order to protect yourself from these charlatans.

First, I would suggest doing a search on Google and placing the word scam before the company name. Check out what if anything is to be said on this company. A word of caution: Sometimes people will write a negative review so you can click on their site and they will in turn redirect you to their survey program they represent.

Second, look up the company name plus the word "forum." Look into what others have had to say about the company. If possible, contact some of the posters and ask direct questions.

I know it all sounds pretty intimidating but in reality the process is centered on using good common sense, as that will go a long way in leading you to the site where you can get paid taking surveys. If you are really serious about getting paid taking surveys then I strongly recommend that you join as many survey sites as you can. Always provide truthful information and never turn down a survey that you are eligible to complete. The truth is that in order to make real good money in this niche you should try and work everyday. A lot of sites only offer survey opportunities once a month.

After completing your initial research phase it would be a good idea to start with ten survey sites. Answer all questions honestly and ever you will get some real opportunities to get paid taking their surveys.

Finally, it is always a good idea to use a separate e-mail ID and always remember to check your spam folder. Sometimes, your spam filter may even send your legitimate survey questions to the spam space. Try to add the paid survey sites to your address book.

Source by Charlie Roberts