Giant  Tumbling Towers is exactly what you might think it is. What seems like a fairly simple tumbling tower game has become one of the favorite collections by both young and old. An african derived term from Tanzinia “Jenga” means “to build” in the Swahili language. It was named appropriately, because building and tumbling is half the fun!

Fifty four giant wooden blocks stacked up into one tall tower is the effortless part of the giant game. The trickiness begins once the giant blocks are in place and ready to be removed! Each person, using a steady and gentle hand tries to slide a piece from its cozy and snug placement, careful! Careful! The stability of the giant Tumbling Towers tower is in jeopardy! It is not just a skill of an easy hand; however, it is also strategy (one can even make their own rules up). It’s important to choose a block to remove that will not make the tower fall. Avoid  Tumbling Towers pieces that are supporting the tower weight. As the game continues, and each game player has taken turns, the tower becomes taller and the pieces more sparse.

Now imagine, with all the fun and strategizing, playing  Tumbling Towers but life-size! A Tumbling Towers where instead of finger-held wooden blocks are used, two-by-fours blocks are stacked into a giant tower! It seems outrageous, and its is…outrageously fun! Instead of crowding around a tiny wooden structure, you’re huddling around a life-size tower! Expect breath holding excitement when friends desperately attempt to remove and rebuild the swaying and half-lopsided Giant Tumbling Towers. Anticipate uproarious laughter when the tower leans and rocks, threatening to collapse with a loud “crash!” A new Giant Tumbling Towers champion is born and on-lookers and participats are all eager to start a new game. You know what they say; parties are only as fun as the games you bring.

Giant Tumbling Towers is a great loads of family fun. It is exciting and will make any social gathering worth talking about! From a family night to a college party, its functions are as vast as it’s designs! From college logos to solid colors to even a special graffiti edition, chose your Giant  Tumbling Towers preference!  Tumbling Towers has been revamped, and ready to become a collection in the game closet once again!

Source by leibela