Don’t we all need systems and services with features to make our life easier!?

I try to stay updated in technology matters simply because it allows me to enjoy more free time and brings nothing but benefits to my life in general…

Software is just software! It’s nothing but a set of codes, we can say it’s like a set of instructions packed in a system, thus it should follow those instructions and do what it’s meant to do. A badly-coded computer program kills all chances of success, meaning you don’t get the expected results…Same happens with Forex robots.

Forex trading systems a.k.a Forex trading robots or expert advisors are software programs that run on your own computer and trade for you. We think of them as robots but that’s just because it’s a marketing term used to make them look more sophisticated, but let’s not forget FX robots are just software.

What a forex robot really needs is the right coding, the right set of instructions to do what it’s meant to do…and I think we both know what that i$.

Isn’t it funny how at first we almost completely deny the way in which software can make some things better than we do? Same happens with Forex robots…

Don’t we experience the same with all software we are unfamiliar with? We find it hard to believe the system can do better than a human but we have similar benefits with online translators or automatic photo retouching…Yet that doesn’t sound as “weird” as a robot trading Forex, am I right?

It’ll take some more time for us to get used to the idea of Forex trading software…

Some people are unwilling to trust their trading decisions to a computer program, especially at first, since there’s always a small chance that you can misunderstand instructions or settings. It’s wise to be cautious, especially if you’re just starting out. Also, a robot is not the ideal trading system if you’re looking for more control over your trades.

Some decide investing in a Forex robot is a good idea (better than learning to be a trader) or a good complement to their well developed trading skills, while others find the help of a trading system less stressful than trading for themselves. Fact is Forex expert advisors have some great advantage: Consistency…and it’s trading decisions won’t be based on emotions.

It’s just the perspective in which you decide to look at it and whether you decide to jump in or ot…money will still be lost and made in the Forex market, it never sleeps…

You know you need a Forex trading system with the right code embedded or it just won’t work! That’s all there is to FX robots, never mind how cute their hosting website is.

Forex EA can handle many trades at the same time, while no human can do this perfect multitasking and act accordingly without hesitation.

This leads to a new question: Do we all need a robot?

Quick answer is no… You must identify your needs and trading methods first, and then see what the market has to offer and how you could get what you want…

You need to know what kind of code you’re after.

With the help of a Forex Expert Advisor you can eliminate human factor from decision taking if that’s your concern. Your automated robot does the hard part of the work for you analyzing and selecting the best trends. You automate your trading preventing losses, main reason people invest in FX expert advisors.

Source by Denis Marsili