Just like with most affiliate programs, forex advertisers get a personal manager. I assume that every affiliate has different expectations from this partnership; however there must be some basic characteristics that define a good manager. How do affiliates prefer to be treated? What is considered a healthy relationship between an affiliate and the affiliate manager?

The manager is a representative of the broker you choose to promote. The main responsibility of the manger is to help an affiliate to be able to create leads and earn commissions. Unfortunately, not every manager is qualified to give adequate support and practical assistance.

The partnership between an affiliate and an affiliate manager can be a walk in the park, or an endless horror movie! Despite the differences among affiliates, here are some key features we all look in a forex manager:

1. Patience, Respect and Honesty

Respecting each other is the first necessary ingredient in any relationship. The manager should address any affiliate with professionalism and patience required. Even when affiliates become extremely demanding, suspicious and irrational at times, it is necessary for the manager to keep the affiliate happy.

Like with any other job, affiliate manager sometimes makes mistakes. The best thing in this situation is for the affiliate to admit it and do everything in their power to resolve the issues caused by it. Transparency is an important characteristic of a good affiliate manager. Dishonesty is the first thing that will end the relationship.

While advertisers can go to extreme of demanding the impossible, forex affiliate manager should at least try to understand. Affiliate relationship is timeless and complex, therefore it is necessary to listen what an affiliate needs in order to optimize the promotion of a particular broker.

Of course, a manager has the right to disagree with any proposals presented by an affiliate, however, at least an explanation should be given. For example, if similar campaigns had bad results in the past, it should be clarified in front of the affiliate. After all, there is a similar interest involved – both parties want to make money. And the best way to find out what is the optimal method of advertising a particular forex broker is via a manager.

2. Time, Quality and Knowledge

Good affiliate managers that know forex industry and able to discuss SEO are few, but even that isn’t an issue. A good manager usually has so many affiliates to handle that it is simply impossible to figure out where and how to focus their hard work.

So, here is the trick. A good manager should know how to give attention to all affiliates, without giving obvious preference to the top advertisers. And by obvious, I mean that even a small fish should get emails from time to time. Besides, the manager should also realize that a forex website with zero visitors per month can turn into thousands visitors per day within a matter of months.

When affiliate manager ignores the need of communication with the advertisers, the result is catastrophic. The relationship fail due to poor performance or cheating (in this case, affiliate will turn to another program in search of a new partnership!)

A manager should familiarize himself/herself with all the campaigns and advertiser profiles. Making notes about affiliate background, family status, monthly payouts, preferred way and time for communication etc. is essential.

A knowledgeable forex affiliate managers are like gold! The least, they should know everything affiliate knows, and preferably more. A good forex affiliate manager should know which banner/advertising is best for your forex site. This kind of intuition only comes with experience. Since forex hasn’t been around long enough to create lots of experienced managers, don’t be surprised when you don’t get answers to push your campaign forward. Sometimes, affiliate has to figure things out without much help.

3. Communication and Updates

A good forex affiliate manager should stay in touch with the affiliates, but not overdo it. Pushy emails or limitless phone calls are definitely unnecessary and surely annoying. I need emails that contain latest updates, contests, bonuses, press releases, promotions, terms and condition changes of the broker. This is objective, helpful and keeps affiliate from forgetting about promoting the program.

Forex affiliate managers work for commissions just like affiliates. And despite the eagerness of making as much money as possible from both sides, it is necessary to keep in mind that a long-term profit requires an affiliate relationship based on trust, patience, knowledge and respect.

Source by Yana Makhanov