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Now back to ringside for the introductions – in the red corner – the second half of the All Girl team – Starting with;


Hometown: Palisades Park, NJ

Age: 33

Occupation: Private Caterer


Asst. Executive Chef/Cook- NCL America

Owner (current)- ProChef at Home Catering

Server- Main Street Tavern

Kitchen Experience:

Since she was 14 yrs. old

Culinary School:

B.A. in Culinary Arts Management- The Culinary Institute of America


Ji was basically born into the restaurant business. She says that her mother gave birth to her at her father’s Korean restaurant while she was working as a waitress. Her mother was upset with Ji’s decision to become a chef because she thinks that it is degrading towards women. At almost six feet, Ji is a force to be reckoned with in the kitchen.

La (yes, that’s what it says!)

Hometown: Las Vegas, NV

Age: 23

Occupation: Line Cook


Line Cook – Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino, LV

Broiler Cook-Monte Carlo Casino, LV

Kitchen Experience:

4 years

Culinary School:

California Culinary Academy, San Francisco


LA, as her friends call her, loves a good challenge. She is a no nonsense kind of girl that will not let anyone stand in the way of achieving her goals. This 22 year old lives her life with no regrets. LA works two jobs, owns a house, a car and a motorcycle and insists she does not need help from anyone. She makes friends easily and would give the shirt off her back to those in need. LA will stop at nothing to win Hell’s Kitchen!


Hometown: Charlotte, NC

Age: 24

Occupation: Corporate Buffet Cook


Entree Cook, Sodexho

Chocolatier, City Sweets

Wine Bar Chef, Dean and Deluca

Kitchen Experience:

On and Off for 6 years

Culinary School:

Central Piedmont Community College


Lacey was going to a university for graphic design and did not feel motivated at all. One day, her mother screamed at her, “Stop watching the Food Network and go to culinary school already!” She took her mother’s advice and has never looked back! Lacey is quirky, loveable, loud and a self-proclaimed great cook. We’ll see if Chef Ramsay agrees!

And Finally –


Hometown: Coconut Creek, FL

Age: 28

Occupation: Executive Sous Chef Experience:

Chef de Cuisine, 3030 Ocean Restaurant

Banquet supervisor and waitress, family restaurant

Kitchen Experience:

9 years

Culinary School:

Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale


Paula is sweet, cute and quiet. At least it appears that way until this tomboy firecracker opens up her mouth and steps inside the kitchen. Paula is a perfectionist, and will ride you until you do it her way. Energetic and explosive in the kitchen, Paula makes people quit by yelling at them and making them feel like crap. But this Brazilian native is not a complete tyrant, and says she is kind both inside and outside of the kitchen and inside of the kitchen, when things are done her way.

Remember, Hell’s Kitchen and Chef Gordon Ramsay Hits the airwaves January 29 on Fox (and all good torrent programs a few hours later!) in fact, according to the counter at the Unofficial Gordon Ramsay Fansite Homepage (the Plonker Club.com) it is 16 days 5 hours 25 minutes 38 seconds.

Coming up next, the boys team!

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