Designer shoes reflect the ideas of designers. It is very important to choose a pair of shoes. I believe you have such a feeling that is when you walk on the street, you find someone wear the same shoes, clothes, handbags, jewelry as you, maybe you will feel uncomfortable. It seems that someone steal your privacy. Because your are not the special one.

 When you often do outside activities, you should prepare a pair of sport shoes, for instance timberland shoes. You can wear it to hiking, climb the mountain, or travel. It can provide more protect to your foot, especially when you do a lot of sports.

 Of course, if you are ardent about playing basketball, you’d better to have a pair of good basketball shoes. Almost people who love basketball are the funs of Michael Jordan. Nowadays Nike air Jordan series and air max 90 are on hot sale on the market. The Nike shoes is very popular in young group, it was recognized as a kind of fashion. And the trend called sport fashion.

Then we talk about some non-sports shoes. Some office lady want to buy a pair of high heel shoes, which make you become a classy women. But most of the high-heel shoes when you wear often make you foot suffer a lot. Even you can find blister on your foot. And now you should choose a pair of suitable shoes, and beautiful shoes. Many e-friend recommend this shoes— Christian Louboutin Black Leather Simple Pumps Shoes. And then I find them on the site. Also there are other shoes, like Christian Louboutin red sole small peep toe Shoes, Christian Louboutin pump, Christian Louboutin Scandal, Christian Louboutin Tall shoes, Christian Louboutin Tall boots, Christian Louboutin short boots. In a word I think the series of Christian Louboutin are very good, which worth you to look at.

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