Greeting card printing companies’ sites are designed for utility. You can easily make your way through the series of steps and buttons without really losing yourself. At the end of the day, you can be printing different products hassle-free.

However, it can be avoided that at certain circumstances, there are still unavoidable errors, mishaps and other unforeseen events that occur in printing. This involves how users understand or familiarize themselves with the terms and conditions and the requirements needed for printing.

And while the world wide web may be one of man’s greatest inventions, it still is under the workings of the human mind. It can be helped that certain misunderstandings occur and multiple interpretations arise from a single instruction.

Misconceptions too are sometime unavoidable. Certain instructions too can become vague for certain readers. Hence, a popular service such as a greeting card can become quite complicated.

Greeting cards can be ordered simply in online printing sites. Here’s a summary on how it can be accomplished in four easy steps:

1. Log in to the website by indicating your name, email address and other information which the printing site secures.

2. You can browse though the site’s products and services. Once you’ve finally decided upon which one to buy or acquire, you have to put in all the necessary information such as the type of paper you want to use, the volume of your order or the number of prints you want made, the size of your print, the turnaround time and the like.

3. Once you have done this, you can now upload the file or design on the site.

4. Once you have done this, you can pay for your job order. You also, at this point, have to approve a proof or a print-ready file in order for you to complete the transaction.

Once you have accomplished both of these before the but-off time of the printing company, your design or file will be automatically sent to the presses for production.

In order to address some of your queries about printing greeting cards here are some frequently asked questions answered.

1. What are the inside and outside pages of the greeting card?
The outside pages are the ones you instantly see when you receive a greeting card. On the other hand, the inside pages are the ones concealed or hidden when you fold your greeting card.

In the color options of your greeting card, the format for this would be as follows:
4/4 = Both the inside and outside of the greeting card are printed in full color.
4/1 = The outside pages are the ones in full color while the inside pages, the part where you write personal messages, are printed in black and white.
4/0 = Only the outside pages are printed in full color.

2. What are the front and back pages of the greeting card?
The front and back pages of the greeting card is the whole outside page of your greeting card.

The front page of the greeting card contains the whole bulk of your graphic design. This introduces you as to what the greeting card is all about.

The back page of the greeting card is where the barcode usually rests. Most of the time too, it holds the greeting card company’s logo or label.

When it comes to your color options, be it 4/4, 4/1 or 4/0 the front and back pages will always be printed in full color.

The layout of the greeting card shows you just how, on one whole sheet, you can have a front page and a back page that is only separated by a fold, both facing outwards.

These, of course, are just some of the few things that can get mixed up. Some printers might have accidentally used the descriptions alternately but it is always better to sure. This gives you a better picture on where and how your greetings cards will be printed. Make sure to confirm and ask your printers so that you’ll have a more convenient and hassle free greeting card printing.

Source by Joel Owens